Resurrection of the Scar

Lionheart Scar

Lionheart Scar

As announced before, we have finally opened our newest Sim, Lionheart Scar, which is our 11th Sim.

In opposite to what someone might relate to a similar named character from a known movie, our Scar has some quite positive character. Lionheart Scar represents the slow introduction of our future harbour area, which will  have canals with water, piers and docks. The look of the whole Area will be similar like the Bay City Area of Mainland.

Therefore, this new sim holds the first part of a number of canals which are about to come yet and can be used for boating towards the inner areas and the open sea later.

The parcels are zoned Commercial II and offer a generous 1.59 Prim Bonus.

Opening Offer

To celebrate the opening of Lionheart Scar, we’re selling all Commercial Parcels for as low as 33% of the original purchase prices! Enjoy this limited offer, ending March 27th! See available parcels…

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 400,240
Citizens Land Sqm: 451,728
Parcels: 272
Parcels For Sale: 45
Directory Entries: 30
Citizens Prim Capacity: 381,069
Citizens Prims used: 133,259