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Yard Sale!

Dear Residents,


As an idea from our last Townhall Meeting, i’m proud to present our first Lionheart Resident’s Yard Sale Weekend!

Sell  your no longer needed, non-copyable items from your inventory to your neighbors or other visitors. And the best: At no cost! Lionheart is sponsoring the  location for you and also advertises the Yard Sale within SL and on our website.

The yard sale will happen at irregular intervals on changing locations each time, but always over a weekend.

Read more about the conditions and rules here:

We wish you good sales, a lot of bargains and even more fun!


Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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Sims: 14
Total Land Sqm: 917,504
Public Land Sqm: 106,880
Citizens Land Sqm: 810,624
Parcels: 434
Parcels For Sale: 56
Directory Entries: 28
Citizens Prim Capacity: 311,535
Citizens Prims used: 120,374