The Tao of Lionheart

The Mission and Vision of Lionheart

Lionheart’s Mission is to provide our residents with affordable, premium land, to fullfill their dreams and visions and enable them to realize their projects.  Our Vision is to build a whole new continent, designed as community of residential and commerce residents, with lots of places to visit, allowing everyone to enjoy their leisure time and discover new things everytime.

Our Principles

Efficient Service

Every Resident at Lionheart benefits from our combination of high tech and professional, personalized attention. Our Staff will mostly attend a customer’s support request instantly or if unavailable, within 24 hours – guaranteed.

Every resident who does not receive attention within 24 hours, receives a free week of tier.

Total Transparency and Accuracy

Lionheart unveils every transaction details ever occured between a resident and Lionheart to that resident. We don’t hide any fees, nor do we refuse to inform you how they have been calculated. Every customer receives full insight into their transactions.

Fully automated systems take care for constant data accuracy, instant payment processing and prevent human errors completely.

Open Spaces for the human eye

Lionheart Sims are far away from what a lot of competitors offer to their customers.

We know that open spaces are of prime importance for most people. For this reason, you will never find the typical, square cutted standard sims at Lionheart, but beautifully designed spaces with up to 55% of protected land.

We Listen to Residents

Our monthly Townhall Meetings are a perfect place to have open conversations about the estate between residents and our team. We introduce you to our newest developments and plannings, listen to your problems, discuss new ideas and get to know each other better.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our prices have been carefully calculated, to offer you affordable land on one hand, and to assure a stable and economically healthy company on the other hand.

Compared with a lot of other competitors, our clients do save a lot of money by owning land with us, yet you won’t find the most cheap land at Lionheart. But you can trust in having your land still there tomorrow.

Following the above mentioned doctrine principles are some appointed individuals also known by the reference “Tao of Lionheart” around the community.

Followers of Lionheart

These proud members are adherents to the call for action signified in the vision of Lionheart. They understand our aims and direction, and each carry characteristics of compassion, modesty, and humility; ever willing to help another where able to.

Tao of Lionheart followers are not hired staff, but instead volunteering individuals that dedicate a part of their time to uphold the practices which our very service is founded upon. More than mere mentors or teachers, this group of individuals has proceeded forth in search of ways to show good example to newcomers as well as longstanding residents.

Wherever there is a tip to be shared or a selfless good deed to be done, there you can almost bet to find one of these honored residents.

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