Did you know….? – Parcel Names and Description

Dear Residents,

Did you know that with some easy settings on your land, you can be found by customers in search?

Everyday we see commercial parcels of many of our commercial customers still having our standard “land for sale” text applied.

What does that mean?

You cannot be found in search at all = No customers.

Our tutorial explains what you can do:


Changing takes only minutes, but helps a lot! 🙂

New weekly Series: Did you know….?

Dear Residents,

Beginning today, we’re starting a new series of short tips for your land here at Lionheart which will help you improving your experience and make the most out of your stay.

We hope you’ll find it useful 🙂

Merry Christmas Sale

Dear Lionheart Friends,

Like every year around this time, everyone is looking for the very last minute christmas gift for their loved ones or for themselves.

Lionheart has the perfect gifting idea for you!

Purchase now a parcel for yourself or for your loved ones, and receive the purchase value (purchase price less the value of the included 7 days of tier) credited as tier time towards your new contract! That extends the included tier by the amount which usually goes into the purchase 🙂

How can you claim your christmas gift special?

  • Purchase the land as usual.
  • Afterwards, send an Instant Message (IM) to Dirk Klees asking “Merry Christmas?” Please do not contact Support…only by IM’ing Dirk Klees the special offer can be claimed.
  • We will then within 24 hours process your additional tier credit towards your new contract. Dirk Klees will then send you a message “Merry Christmas!” to confirm your successful claim.

Afterwards, you can either use the land by yourself or sell it for 0L$ to someone you want to surprise with a new piece of land for christmas 🙂

Please note, that our Lucky Three parcels do not have a purchase value since all we charge there is the first week of tier anyway, and thus, these parcels do not qualify for the offer.

How many parcels i can purchase using this offer?

You can purchase as many parcels as you wish. There are no limitations.

When does this offer end?

Our this year’s christmas special is valid immediately and ends on December 26th 2013, midnight.


In this sense,

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!


Dirk Klees and the Lionheart Team

Linden Lab’s TOS Update regarding L$ Exchange Services

Dear Residents,

Recently, Linden Lab has changed their TOS regarding the usage of currency exchange services. Since May 7th 2013, it is no longer allowed to use third party exchanges to trade Linden Dollars.

The only allowed money exchange service will be the official LindeX from Linden Lab / Second Life itself.

The most important message ahead:

If you have never used another money exchange service than the official Second Life one anyway, this news does not affect you at all!

The Terms of Service say:

5.3 There are other exchanges that are operated by third parties on which Linden dollars are exchanged.

Third party exchanges are not authorized by Linden Lab and Buying or Selling Linden dollars on third party exchanges are not authorized transactions. Third party exchanges are wholly distinct from both the LindeX exchange and Linden Lab and they have no affiliation with Linden Lab. We do not endorse or otherwise guarantee the legitimacy of the Linden dollar transfers offered on them, and we are not liable for purchases of such Linden dollars. Buying or Selling Linden dollars anywhere other than the LindeX is done so solely at your own risk. If you Buy Linden dollars that are traced to unauthorized credit card activity or other fraudulent activity, we will recoup these Linden dollars from your Account. The only authorized exchange is the LindeX.

While it does not explicitly say that it is not allowed to use these services, and you act on your own risk when using them, the TOS also say, that

Buying or Selling Linden dollars on third party exchanges are not authorized transactions

which also renders the usage of these services illegal. Most third party exchange services have reacted immediately and stopped trading Linden Dollars.

Does that affect you at all?

If you’re not already using LindeX, you are now obligated to use the official Second Life exchange service, LindeX, in order to buy or sell Linden Dollars for your Second Life use. You can also use the viewerside functionality (Buy L$ Button) to purchase Linden Dollars. In order to use these convenient functionalities, you need either a credit card signed up with Linden Lab or a verified and credit-card backed up PayPal account registered with Linden Lab (Click here).

The LindeX is a very reliable exchange service, and it’s integrity is guaranteed by Linden Lab. There is no such risk on giving some unknown person your Lindens to have them exchanged for USD or other currencies.

Under the line, the supply for fresh Linden Dollars is guaranteed as always by Linden Lab and there should be no issue exchanging money using LindeX.

Where can i get new Linden Dollar (L$) from?

Please use the official Linden Dollar Exchange of Second Life, LindeX (click here). To use LindeX, you have to update your billing information (click here) with Second Life.

Can i still use Linden Dollars to pay my Lionheart Tier?

Yes of course. There are no restrictions on how you pay for goods and services in-world at all.

Are there other methods to pay my Lionheart Tier as well?

Completely independently from your L$ sources, we do offer alternative payment methods for paying your tier for your land at Lionheart. From your terminal you can directly access our payment portal for PayPal or Credit Card payment services. We do not require a verified PayPal account, and you can also use your debit card or bank transfer to charge up your PayPal account, so you can pay your tier fees using your PayPal balance. This makes paying your Tier much more convenient and independent from Linden Lab’s billing system.

Even more convenient: PayPal Subscriptions!

Do you completely want to forget about your tier payments every week or month? Then use our payment portal to sign yourself up for a recurring subscription! You choose yourself how often you wish to pay, and PayPal will automatically pay your tier payments in the interval you chose. Our system then will process your payment and top up your tier time account accordingly, and send you a confirmation message each time. Enjoy your second life and your stay at Lionheart, and stop worrying about due dates and regularly running to feed your terminal!

Where can i find more Information?

Official Second Life Blog Post: Click Here

Second Life Terms of Service: Click Here

SL Universe Forum Discussion: Click Here

Second Life Forum: Click Here

I have more questions about that change. Who can i ask?

Please direct your questions about the policy update directly to Second Life Support: Click here or direct your browser to the website of your money exchange website, in order to see how they react on the TOS update.

Please understand, that Lionheart Support can not answer questions about Linden Lab’s policies, nor about the business decisions of the affected money exchange services.

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Dear Residents,

Just as last year, we’re preparing an easter egg hunt for you, beginning on Easter Sunday and ending on Tuesday morning.

Your Mission:

Find as many easter eggs as possible. The eggs will be hidden across our 17 sims, which is a great opportunity for you to get acquainted to the whole continent and discover it’s hidden places, secret corners and while doing so, find as much easter eggs as you can!

To make the whole easter egg hunt even more interesting, we’ll draw some special prizes for the hunters with the most eggs found in the end! When you find our easter eggs, just click them, and move on to the next. Your clicks will be counted, and the winners will be announced at our next townhall meeting on April 28th 2013, watch out for the group announcement for this townhall or check out our calendar.

Your Prizes:

As current Lionheart Landowner:
(Always applying to the smallest parcel, in case of owning more than one)

  • First Prize: One week of free tier
  • Second Prize: Three days of free tier
  • Third thru fifth Prize: One day of free tier

As external winner, who doesn’t own land at Lionheart yet:

  • First Prize: Receives a parcel of your choice, free of charge and including a week worth of tier time credited towards the new contract.
  • Second Prize: Receives a parcel of your choice, free of charge and including three days worth of tier time credited towards the new contract.
  • Third Prize thru Fifth Price: Receives a parcel of your choice, free of charge and including one day worth of tier time credited towards the new contract.

The easter egg hunt will commence Sunday and end on Tuesday morning. All eggs are hidden on protected land and mostly (but not always) near paths and roads, as well within Lionheart’s public builds, tunnels, venues. Please do not enter private properties! 😉 In total, the easter bunny reported that he has hidden 161 eggs.

Info: “Taking” or “Leaving” them makes no difference; taking them only lets them disappear for a few minutes, but they will remain in place for the next hunter, so don’t worry 🙂

Happy hunting, and good luck everyone!

I don’t live at Lionheart. Where do i start?

Start your hunt here: Teleport to Lionheart Pumbaa LHRR Station.

Visit us In-World!