Bonus Programs

Lionheart rewards loyal customers and bulk buyers.

Our specialties include two bonus programs which offer you extra time to be added to your tier balance, whenever you pay your tier and provided that your tier time account hasn’t been in arrears. Bonuses can be added together. As a landowner at Lionheart, you’re not required to sign up for these programs. If eligible, the bonuses will be applied automatically. The execution of a payment transaction is the deciding factor for whether a bonus is to be applied or not.

Loyalty Bonus

The longer you remain a landowner at Lionheart, the more bonus time that will be added whenever you pay your tier. Likewise, as time progresses, your effective tier burden will decrease significantly with thanks to your continued loyalty to Lionheart. Loyalty is calculated individually for each landowner. Please note, that a group is a separate owner than an individual avatar. Loyalty times for avatars and groups cannot be added together and thus will be counted separately.

Contracted Prims Bonus

Similar to the Loyalty Bonus, this is a bonus based on the total amount of prims you have contracted across the estate. It matters not which of the sims, and without particular zoning: The more land you own with us, the more bonus time you will earn!

Our Bonus Program Chart

Loyalty Bonus
Days of Landownership* Bonus Time
30 1.250%
60 2.500%
90 3.750%
180 5.000%
270 6.250%
360 7.500%
540 8.750%
720 10.000%
810 11.250%
900 11.875%
990 12.500%
1080 13.125%
1260 13.750%
1440 15.000%
1620 16.750%
1800 17.500%
1980 18.750%
2160 20.000%
Contracted Prims Bonus
Contracted Prims** Bonus Time
1780 0.50%
3560 1.00%
7125 2.00%
10685 3.00%
14250 4.00%
*=Total days of Landownership with Lionheart.
**=Counted for all your contracted prims together

Some Interesting Real-Time Statistics

Since the inauguration of our bonus programs on September 20th 2009, Lionheart has given away 50,788.55 free days of Tier to it's residents!

This equals an average Tier value of USD 34,077.81 given away for free, as signs of gratitude to our customer's loyalty as well as their contracted volume!

Bonus Program Update 2011

To celebrate the two year’s birthday of our bonus programs, we’ve updated them with even higher percentages and new functionality. Please read our blog post “Loyalty pays off – Lionheart even more!” to learn more about some hard numbers about how much you save by owning land at Lionheart! Enjoy!

Bonus Program Update 2016

A very special Christmas Gift we had in December 2016, announcing the biggest update to our bonus program since it’s inauguration in 2009, giving back to our most loyal landowners who have land with us since many years. Read more here.

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 398,896
Citizens Land Sqm: 453,072
Parcels: 271
Parcels For Sale: 79
Directory Entries: 15
Citizens Prim Capacity: 382,520
Citizens Prims used: 101,566