Lionheart Estate Management System (LEMS)

In the Beginning

Lionheart began operating its estate using a very advanced modified hippoRent System, with lots of own plugins connecting to our external Database, enabling us to add basic functions to our website such as parcel listings or basic statistics.

As Lionheart kept growing, as well as our list of ideas of a better service and functionality, we decided to start plannings for an own, custom built system, because hippoRent as advanced as it is, never would be able to support all these ideas. Another big factor for that decision was to be independent from any third party developer / provider, in case they decide to cease operating their service at any point (which in case of the web-enabled hippoRent system would be fatal) or make major changes, which could cause our plugins and modifications to fail.

Planning and Development

It was pretty clear from the start, that the new system would be based on external Databases, as Inworld scripts are vulnerable to data loss due to sim crashes, lag or even accidential return of the prim containing the script. This would also allow us to really create customer databases, keep exact records of contracts, payments, manage an exact time account for each contract, organize customer support, create ample web-based applications and many more. The following development took around 6,5 months, until we were able to do the beta testing starting in June 2009. In July 2009, we could officially introduce LEMS (Lionheart Estate Management System) to our clients.

Since then, LEMS is subject to continuous development. We continue working on new features, both visible and invisible for the client, to improve our customer service quality and to maintain our leading position in estate management technology which we have acchieved with LEMS.

LEMS has been designed to keep our options open to be integrated later into powerful backend-software systems such as SAP.

Customer’s interfaces are the parcel terminal, located at the edge of each parcel of land, and our customers intranet.

Features and Capabilities

LEMS is a very complex system, based on a normalized SQL Database Structure, composed of around 60 Database Tables and growing. Due to it’s complexity, including a big amount of background processes, it’s not possible to give you a complete list of features, but we have carried together the most important and for the final customer visible ones.

  • Pay exactly the tier for land you really own.
    Unlike Linden Lab’s and some other private estates’ levelled tier system (e.g. $15 for up to 2,048sqm, $40 for up to 8,192sqm and so on…) which forces you to pay even then for the next higher level, if you’re just are a bit above the previous level. Lionheart’s landowners pay just the tier for the exact amount of land they own. Not one cent more.
  • Pay what you want, whenever you want.
    Most companies have a fix tier date every week or month where you have to pay the whole amount at once for the designated period. At Lionheart, we are able to offer you more convenient ways to pay your tier. Just pay any amount at any moment you wish. This way you decide by your own, how you keep your tier time’s account balance positive, and are not forced into any rigid payment plan.
  • Choose from various payment methods.
    Lionheart’s standard payment method in-world is Linden Dollars. However, you can choose to use alternative payment methods as well, such as PayPal or Credit / Debit Card, which are fully integrated in the system, enabling our landowners to enjoy instant payment processing without waiting. That means, as soon as you have finished your payment, it instantly shows up in your account info at Lionheart, and your tier time has been credited! That’s an incredible innovation on the Second Life Estate Market, and as by today, no other estate offers an instant payment option with PayPal. Read more here.
    Are you looking for even more convenience? Setup a subscription with PayPal and forget about due dates!
  • Enjoy the most accurate and transparent billing and tier time accounting you’ve ever experienced in Second Life.
    In order to comply with some of Lionheart’s main aims, absolute transparency as well as building a trustful customer – company – relationship, Lionheart is actually the only land provider in Second Life who provides their customers with a transparent, broken down billing for every payment as well as for the handling of their tier time account (accessible for every customer at We don’t charge exorbitant lump sums when you make your payment with external payment providers (MetaCard, PayPal) to charge you their fees. Lionheart rather provides you with exactly broken down invoices showing you every single detail of your payments.
  • 24 Hour Sim Performance Monitoring.
    Lionheart constantly measures the technical performance of every sim and maintains a public reporting system for every customer (accessible for every customer at This functionality allows both Lionheart and our residents, to monitor the performance, identify and react faster on issues and thus, granting a better experience for everyone.
  • Instant and unlimited parcel swaps.
    Need a change of scene or want to expand or reduce your landholdings? No problem for Lionheart customers. Actually, Lionheart is the only Land Provider within Second Life who is able to offer their customers a fully automatized, instant parcel swap service. Just move in to your new parcel right when you want to! (See covenant for details and instructions) No staff assistance is needed.
  • Don’t let your Real Life affect your Second Life.
    We all know, Real Life can sometimes cause situations, where you have to pause your Second Life for a while. Lionheart fully understands that, and doesn’t abuse these situations like a lot of competitors do. Most Companies will tell you, to simply let your parcel expire. That will not only leave the land unused for the time left on your tier, but also cause a financial loss for you, unable to use the tier time you’ve paid for and also loose any financial investment you’ve made upon purchase of the land.
    Lionheart offers it’s clients another unique service, allowing them to abandon their land in such cases, while we’re keeping their investment as well as their left tier time value in readyness for up to one year, to be used freely on any Lionheart Parcel when returning from Real Life. (See covenant for details and instructions)
  • Payment Reminders Offworld? No Problem!
    Not everyone logs into Second Life daily. How quick you could fail to make your tier payment in time and risk losing your land. Thanks to LEMS, Lionheart can help you here as well. Simply store your email address at any of our Inworld-Terminals and all reminders will find their way to your mailbox or even your mobile phone.
  • Attractive Bonus Programs for everyone.
    Lionheart operates various bonus programs for every landowner. With every payment you’re making, LEMS checks if you qualify for one of our bonus programs and if you do, credits you the earned bonus time automatically! No need to manually request to join a program or care about specifications and follow long “how to” manuals. Just enjoy your time!
  • Push your business’s exposition a bit further than your competition.
    As a business owner at Lionheart, you can decide to setup a free business listing by using your LEMS Terminal. This exposes your business at our website as well as at various inworld boards (Community Presenters) which we’ve setup at a number of points within Lionheart as well as at Mainland.
  • User Management
    If you want to grant other users access to your land contract’s data at the inworld terminal as well as at our customer’s intranet (, you can add them easily to your contract by using your parcel’s terminal. You can choose between two usergroups, Owners and Payers, either to grant full access or just allow them to pay tier for you.
  • Intranet for Customers
    Lionheart dedicates an own backend to LEMS at where landowners have access to their contracts (both actually running contracts as well as past contracts), can review their invoices and time account movements, check their contract users list, access our sim performance statistics and many more.

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 398,896
Citizens Land Sqm: 453,072
Parcels: 271
Parcels For Sale: 0
Directory Entries: 12
Citizens Prim Capacity: 382,520
Citizens Prims used: 78,482