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Every day, three parcels are randomly selected and sold for the price of the first week’s tier only.

This way, you’ll be able to purchase one of our high quality parcels for 0L$!

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Below you will find an actual listing of available featured parcels. If you need further assistance to find a parcel which fits your needs, or you have questions prior to your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact our

How to purchase?¬†Visit the parcel inworld by using the map link. Right click the bare ground and select Buy Land… from the menu. Read our¬†covenant, agree to it, and complete the purchase.

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Maturity, Area, Prims,Bonus
Conditions / Offers
Initial Tier Rate[1]
Setup Type
Lionheart Pumbaa | Roadside | 4096 sqm | 3750 Prims | Tier $ 16.13 / week Moderate 4096 m² | 3750 Prims
233% more Prims than elsewhere!
Comes with 7 Days of Tier!
$ 16.13 [1] or L$ 3870 [2] per week
Land Only
Commercial II [3]
Lionheart Pumbaa


[1] = Our Bonus Programs automatically reduce your effective Tier, the longer you stay and the more land you own. No subscription needed, all Bonuses apply automatically when you qualify for them.

[2] = Currency conversion based on the LindeX exchange rate of currently: L$240.00/1.00 USD

[3] = See Category Information as shown below.

Category Information

Commercial I

Perfectly arranged parcels for normal traffic businesses, like for example Headquarters, Main-Stores, Offices, Apartments and many other. As this parcel type usually shares the same Sim with residential parcels, Clubs, Malls or Casinos and other high traffic/lag usages are not allowed to reduce possible lag. Please use our Commercial II zoned parcels for these purposes. Little Hint: Residential Living is also possible on all our commercial parcels.

Commercial II

Perfectly arranged parcels for all businesses, like for example Headquarters, Main-Stores, Offices, Apartments and many more. Malls and Clubs are allowed as well. Little Hint: Residential Living is also possible on all our commercial parcels.

Mixed Use

Mixed purpose parcels for residential and/or light commercial use. No Clubs! Max. building height 35m. Signs must not face other properties, but are allowed to face the road. See covenant for further details.

Residential I

Beautiful residential properties for the prim-hungry avatar. All parcels offer a generous prim bonus and are surrounded by a bit of extra space towards the next neighbor for additional privacy. If you need larger land with less prims, please check out our Residential II parcels.

Residential II

Pure Residential Land offering a generous prim bonus. A protection zone of at least 4 meters measured from the parcel boundary line must remain clear of any main building structures such as houses, walls etc.

  • Without Premium¬† Membership
    Save¬† $9.95 per month!¬† Lionheart is a private¬† provider and we’re billing¬† independently from¬† Linden Lab. For this¬† reason, you are not required to¬† possess a premium¬† membership in order to¬† own land at our continent.
  • A reliable and trustworthy partner for your Second Life land needs
    Are you tired of moving your belongings every time a sim-owner messed up with their finances and closes their sims? Click here to learn more about our ethics and guiding principles, our responsible pricing concept and read here what other customers say about Lionheart.
  • Full Ownership Features
    Upon Purchase, the land goes into your ownership, giving you full control about the land and media options. You can freely resell your land or deed it to a group if you wish to do so.
  • 24¬† Hour Support Guarantee
    You’re¬† in need of assistance? Your¬†¬† parcel terminal allows you to call our¬† online staff. Nobody online? No¬†¬† problem! We respond to website submitted¬† tickets within 24 hours, or¬†¬† you’ll get a free week of tier!
  • Join¬† a modern SL¬† estate
    Lionheart  is market leader in modern  estate  management technologies. Enjoy  transparency, accuracy, and a lot  of  features you will not find  anywhere else in Second Life. Click  here for more information.
  • Flexible payment options
    As landowner at Lionheart, you are not bound to fixed payment schedules.  Pay as little or as much towards your tier account as you wish, and our  system will credit you the corresponding amount of tier time! You can  pay your tier in L$ or use PayPal or Credit Card (via PayPal).
  • Protected by covenant
    Lionheart’s¬†¬†¬† covenant protects you against eyesores and lag heavy neighbors. Our¬†¬†¬† Estate Managers are monitoring our sims and help our residents to make¬†¬†¬† Lionheart a place fun to work and live for everyone.
  • Unlimited Land Swapping
    As only provider on the market, we are even able to allow our customers to do parcel swaps as often as they wish and whenever they want. Our modern estate management system allows our customers to perform parcel swaps autonomously without any staff attention required. The value of your left tier time will be credited automatically to your new parcel, and if you have paid a purchase price for your land, it will be taken into account as well (Please read the covenant for conditions and instructions).
  • Merchants Special: Free In-World & Web Advertising
    Your parcel    terminal allows you to activate your free advertising at our website  as   well as on multiple in-world adboards at Lionheart as well as at  our   mainland locations. Click here to open our   current business listings.
  • Merchants¬† Special: Chamber¬† of¬† Commerce
    Join our very own resident  governed chamber of  commerce  and get in touch with your fellow merchants  at Lionheart! A  group  invite can easily be requested by using your  parcels terminal  (My  Account > Groups)
  • Community¬† Involvement
    Monthly¬†¬†¬† town hall meetings with the estate¬† owner, “Howdy Neighbor”¬†¬† days,¬†¬† weekly¬† events for our residents, volunteering programs, and much¬†¬†¬† more! Become a part¬† of it –¬† if you¬† wish!
  • Attractive¬†¬† Bonus Programs
    Lionheart offers¬† attractive bonus programs¬†¬† for loyal residents as well as for bulk¬† buyers. The best: You don’t¬† have¬† to do anything to participate! As soon¬† as you qualify, our¬† system¬† automatically applies these bonuses for¬† you! Forget about¬† running after¬† bonuses, send notecards, or reading¬† books of¬† instructions in order to¬† get any bonuses you deserve. Just¬† enjoy your¬† stay, and our system cares¬† about the rest. Read More…

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 398,896
Citizens Land Sqm: 453,072
Parcels: 271
Parcels For Sale: 79
Directory Entries: 15
Citizens Prim Capacity: 382,520
Citizens Prims used: 101,564