Pre-Decorated Parcels

As thumb rule, Lionheart sells bare parcels of land, without any decoration or houses on them. Any items found on them serve solely for decoration purposes, and are not being sold with the land. Please feel free to return those items after purchasing the parcel.

From time to time however, we’re also offering some of our properties pre-decorated with a house free of charge. When buying such a parcel of land, you can decide whether to keep the house and decoration on it, or return these items and bring your own.

Lionheart offers these special setups as they are. Please understand that we will not modify any of these setups to meet your individual needs (that includes e.g. wall colors, access lists, item rearrangements and others), nor will we give support for items which for any reason cease to function at some point.

If a setup scenario doesn’t match your taste or you wish to have them arranged in a different way, please feel free to visit the stores of the creators of these items for your own copy and return our items as you please.

As mentioned, these special setups are offered from time to time and do not cost extra, nor are they available at every parcel of Lionheart.

You can find a listing of currently available special setup properties below. For all available residential properties, please click here. Our commercial properties you’ll find by clicking here.

Special Setup Properties

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Maturity, Area, Prims,Bonus
Conditions / Offers
Initial Tier Rate[1]
Setup Type
Lionheart Mufasa | Rural | 1280 sqm | 780 Prims | Tier $ 4.21 / week Moderate 1280 m² | 780 Prims
200% more Prims than elsewhere!
Comes with 7 Days of Tier!
$ 4.21 [1] or L$ 1011 [2] per week
Includes Free House
Residential I [3]
Lionheart Mufasa


[1] = Our Bonus Programs automatically reduce your effective Tier, the longer you stay and the more land you own. No subscription needed, all Bonuses apply automatically when you qualify for them.

[2] = Currency conversion based on the LindeX exchange rate of currently: L$240.00/1.00 USD

[3] = See Category Information as shown below.

Category Information

Commercial I

Perfectly arranged parcels for normal traffic businesses, like for example Headquarters, Main-Stores, Offices, Apartments and many other. As this parcel type usually shares the same Sim with residential parcels, Clubs, Malls or Casinos and other high traffic/lag usages are not allowed to reduce possible lag. Please use our Commercial II zoned parcels for these purposes. Little Hint: Residential Living is also possible on all our commercial parcels.

Commercial II

Perfectly arranged parcels for all businesses, like for example Headquarters, Main-Stores, Offices, Apartments and many more. Malls and Clubs are allowed as well. Little Hint: Residential Living is also possible on all our commercial parcels.

Mixed Use

Mixed purpose parcels for residential and/or light commercial use. No Clubs! Max. building height 35m. Signs must not face other properties, but are allowed to face the road. See covenant for further details.

Residential I

Beautiful residential properties for the prim-hungry avatar. All parcels offer a generous prim bonus and are surrounded by a bit of extra space towards the next neighbor for additional privacy. If you need larger land with less prims, please check out our Residential II parcels.

Residential II

Pure Residential Land offering a generous prim bonus. A protection zone of at least 4 meters measured from the parcel boundary line must remain clear of any main building structures such as houses, walls etc.

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