About role-playing at Lionheart

Dear Residents,

we’ve heard about some role-players visiting some of you and informing you they were officially hired police officers or even Lionheart Staff and they will look for your safety. Rest assured that this is not the case.

While we have no problem with casual urban role-play as long as every participant respects the […]

DataCenter Maintenance Tuesday

Dear Residents,

the data center where our servers are hosted for our

Website LEMS (Lionheart Estate Management System) Live Support

informed us that they’ll be doing maintenance works on their network infrastructure,

– Tuesday between 4.00pm and 8pm SLT –

During this time, there might be moments where our website services or the inworld parcel […]

The Search Bug – And how to overcome it

Dear Lionheart Residents,

There’s a concurrent listing bug with the Second Life search engine. Maybe you’ve heard about it, and there’s a good chance that it has taken effect on your business. Linden Lab has promised to fix this issue over several weeks ago, but to no extent the problem remains for most.

How can […]

Reminder: Rolling Restart Server 1.36

Dear Residents,

please remember that Linden Lab is doing a rolling restart for the new Sim Server Version 1.36 today and tomorrow.

Affected by the Restart TODAY

Lionheart Sarafina Lionheart Ahadi Lionheart Sarabi Lionheart Nala Lionheart Timon Lionheart Pumbaa

Affected by the Restart TOMORROW

Lionheart Mohatu Lionheart Mufasa

Not Affected

These sims are pilot regions […]

Scheduled Website & LEMS Downtime

Dear Residents,

our Server Hosting Company has announced some maintenance works taking place today from 3pm SLT – 9pm SLT.

Due to this, the Lionheart Website and LEMS (and thus, the Parcel Terminals too) can partially be out of service. This will happen in a random manner.

Thank you for your understanding 🙂 Dirk Klees

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