Service Till the End – For Sale by Owner

Dear Residents,

Sometimes it happens, that you have to quit Second Life for a while, or you moved to a bigger parcel within Lionheart and had not enough credit left on the previous parcel to make a swap so you have to sell your old land, or you have to leave your property for another […]

Further Improvements on Business Listings

Dear Residents,

As promised in the earlier blog post about the Revamped Land Store and Business Listings, we’ve completed these improvements for you today.

We’ve added a category filter, allowing you to filter for businesses of a category, making your browsing much more effective.

Also, we’ve been working over the categories themselves, improved some of […]

Taking performance records to a new level of quality

Since the inauguration of our estate-owned management system (LEMS) back in July 2009, we’ve also been taking sim performance records, archiving them since August 2009 publicly visible for everyone at our customer portal […]

Revamped Land Store and Business Listings

Dear Residents,

Since Lionheart belongs to one of the best managed estates on the grid, and also operates the most advanced management system, we knew that in order to keep this status we’ve got to keep updating our systems and procedures so we’ll always stay ahead of our competitors.

But staying ahead of competitors is […]

Update on parcel encroachment functionality

Dear Residents,

as already mentioned in an earlier blog post, we’ve enabled the ability to return objects encroaching your parcel at all of our sims for you.

At the time of writing of the above mentioned blog post, there hasn’t yet been a viewer available from Linden Lab which would have been able to handle […]

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