Data Center

The Lionheart Data Center offers you a safe and easy way to storage your servers of all kinds. Our 60Racks are offering you space for an usage up to 8 Prims each. We also offer permanent and automatically applied discounts if you pay for at least 3 months at once.

You can find our Datacenter at Lionheart Simba, Teleport here.

We host your

  • CasperTech Servers (CasperVend, CasperLet)
  • HippoVend Server
  • HippoRent Server
  • HippoGroup Server
  • Adserver
  • Notecard/Inventory Giver Server
  • Inventory Storage Prims

And many more.


Why you should store your servers with us

A safe and permanent location for your Server hardware is indispensable for your business, to ensure that your peripherical hardware (vendors, rental boxes and other to the server connected devices) can trust on a stable Server connection. Most business places (Rental places as well as shops or mall booths), have building and script execution allowed to offer a better service to their clients, so that their Animation Overrides works and they can rezz and unpack their paid products immediately. This is a good service for your clients on the one hand, but on the other hand an open door for griefers. Griefers usually try to cause a big load of lag which forces the sim to crash. They prefer big shops like mainstores or malls to provocate the most possible damage.

If you would have storaged your Server at this location, a big lag load or even worse, a sim crash would cause the Server to stop working and disconnect it from your peripherical network, that means vendors would stop serving clients and your sales will stop, rental boxes cannot contact the Server anymore.

The Lionheart Data Center as an independent and secured location is the safest option to storage your sensible servers. Even if you own a piece of land where you can host your Server as safe as we do, it is recomendable to store a backup Server at an independent location, to ensure that your business keeps on running while the main sim crashes or goes offline for any reason. The most modern Vendor Systems (like CasperVend, HippoVend, ) are able to work with more than one server to guarantee delivery of products to your clients at anytime.

Data Center Security

Security is one of the most important aims for Lionheart. For this reason we have disabled at our land everything what could invite griefers to attack the center. Building, execution of scripts, object entry is disabled for everyone except our clients. Every visitor has to pass through the main entrance, which registers every single visitor.

Special Land Offer for Data Center Tenants

Lionheart does not only offer an excellent location for your servers, but also offers one of the best environments for your business location to become a successful endeavour. Continent-wide connected infrastructure, public transportation systems for our residential landowners to get in town for shopping and entertainment. This makes Lionheart the preferred location for businesses, as you actually can reach walk-in customers here, versus the classical single standing sims or business-only continents with no residents actually going there.

As tenant of a data center rack, you are entitled to save the entire purchase value on all our commercial or mixed used parcels.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, please purchase any of our available Commercial I or II or Mixed Use categorized parcels the normal way, and send an IM to Dirk Klees in-world, instantly after having bought the parcel normally. We’ll then credit you the purchase value (purchase price less the value of the in the purchase price already included tier) towards your contract worth as a tier time credit.


There is no limit in purchasing commercial or mixed use parcels taking advantage of this special offer, as long as you’re a tenant of the Lionheart Data Center and your rental is in good standing. This offer is not valid for swaps, only for new purchases (adding parcels to your landholdings). Again, please note, that you have to contact Dirk Klees inworld via IM, and not to contact our Support for taking advantage of this offer. The IM has to be sent right after the purchase. Requests reaching us days later, do not qualify for this offer. Thank you 🙂

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 398,896
Citizens Land Sqm: 453,072
Parcels: 271
Parcels For Sale: 107
Directory Entries: 15
Citizens Prim Capacity: 382,520
Citizens Prims used: 102,135