Candidates for the Chamber of Commerce Elections 2011

Dear Residents,

As we have announced in our previous blog post about the upcoming elections for the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce (CoC), we’re going to introduce you now into the candidates who have applied to run for the position of the chairperson of the CoC.

The election will take place next weekend, beginning on Friday, June 10th 2.00pm SLT, ending on Sunday, June 12th midnight.

Right before the election weekend officially begins, we’ll have an electoral meeting on Friday, June 10th at 1.00pm SLT (PDT) at our Lionheart Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room, where you can meet the candidates, hear about their program and ideas for the CoC, and ask questions. At 2.00pm SLT the voting officially begins.

Please watch out for updates on this blog or follow our Twitter feed.

The Candidate’s Introduction

Every candidate has prepared a text where they introduce themselves to you and tell you a bit about their ideas for the CoC. Please don’t hesitate to contact the candidates in-world if you want to get to know them and ask them further questions if you have any.

Fabiano Ferina

Hello, i’m Fabiano Ferina.

I’m 23, and currently living in Malta. I’m an open minded person and have lots of spirit and ideas. In Second Life, i’ve been since November 2009, and with Lionheart since late 2010.

I have a good knowledge of building, scripting and other Second Life related activities.

Currently i own a small business, that provides building solutions, like prim-saving products, building aids, gadgets, custom builds & scripts, and more. Walk into my store, and you may ocasinally find other random products that i create, like decor, vehicles, etc.

I consider myself a somewhat succesfull business man, since the business that i own, supports most of my Second Life income. Together, with every Lionheart merchant, i will do my best to build an active and solid comunity, that everyone can benefit from. Afterall, every business has room for improvements, and who else can offer better help, than another business..

Talisien Llewellyn

Hello, My name is Talisien Llewellyn and I have been a resident of Lionheart since September of 2010. I own October Alchemy located in Lionheart Nuka. I have owned and operated many different businesses within Second Life since 2007 and have extensive Real World business experience.

What I intend to do if elected as Chamber of Commerce Chairman is make the Chamber of Commerce more involved with the merchants and more active than it has been since I have been here. I plan on organizing workshops for all of our merchants to attend. These workshops will cover many different aspects of running a business such as Marketing, Setting land options correctly, Building, and many more topics.

As many of you probably know, our current Chairwoman, Sookie Slafford, has organized the “Roaring Reductions” event. If Elected, I not only plan on continuing this program, but organizing many more like it for our Merchants. I have organized many grid-wide hunts, and plan on organizing some just for Chamber of Commerce Merchants.

In Closing, let me state that no matter who you vote for, without your involvement in the Chamber of Commerce, it doesn’t matter what is promised. Lionheart is the only Estate that I have been to with a community like the one we have. When we all become involved and strive to set ourselves above the others, we will succeed. As merchants, you know your businesses best. If you have an idea that you think will help the community, I implore you to speak up and let yourself be heard. I for one will always be willing to listen.

6 comments to Candidates for the Chamber of Commerce Elections 2011

  • […] Feralise Resident asks from behind her mirror-finish sunglasses. On June 5th, Ms. Resident made public her disapproval of Talisien Llewellyn, candidate for Chair of Lionheart’s Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Llewellyn […]

  • Thank you to all for your comments. As with any political campaign, we feel that freedom of speech is important to allow in this election, thus the comments have not been moderated.

    While compliments and nice remarks are always nice to receive, constructive criticism is indeed worth valuing as well.

    We wish the best to both candidates who are running for Chairman and hope that the two will continue to work together, toward making the CoC a prominent business group, regardless of the election outcome.

  • Feralise

    While I understand banning individuals who have personally made grief attacks on one’s land or the experience of the customers there-in, I do not however understand the unjust “guilty-by-association” treatment that has taken place in Talisien’s approach to such matters.

    I too am close friends with the sister of the current chairman and can personally vouch for both her and my conduct. I know I personally have never used a griefer tool, as I am still only 3 months young in this game. I don’t seek to make difficult any experience for any fellow gamers and infact have always been complimented on my sincere demeanor and pleasantly kind personality. I realize approaching this issue in this manner should be taken in game, but my attempts have gone unheeded. Mr. Llewellyn refuses to see reason in the matter in punishing only those guilty of crimes. Very well, I say. I will not retract my statement that this individual is a far cry from the level-minded individual one should seek in a chairman election such as this.

    I’ve tried empathizing and understanding, but have reached a point where its not worth the trouble. The actions taken are still not justified with the names of innocent bystanders. Continue to ban the alts, friends, family, and loved ones who have individually and personally done absolutely no harm nor grievance to your shops. I hardly think an approach such as this will lead to trimming down one’s ban list.

    Good day, sir.

  • Talisien Llewellyn

    Hello Everyone,

    I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up a few things. I own October Alchemy, and though I do have group deeded land along with two other parcels in Nuka, those are owned by other people. We may have similar ban lists because we are all friends, naturally I am going to inform them of things that happen. The reason a certain set of people are banned is due to numerous attacks on my store and customers originating from their land. I have documented this with Lionheart and Linden Labs. As a merchant, my primary responsibility is the safety and security of my store and my customers. I want them to have a pleasant shopping experience and not have to worry about being hit with giant fireballs because my neighbors are playing around. At the time I banned them, I was not aware of any relationship with any Lionheart Staff. Really though, whether or not they are related to someone does not affect the way they act. With the limited features Second Life has for landowners, the ban list feature is one of the few good tools to ensure the safety and security of a parcel. When someone is banned, their objects cannot enter a parcel, their chat does not enter a parcel, even if they are shouting, and they themselves cannot enter a parcel. I find that the most effective way of dealing with issues like these when they come up. I do need to take the time to clean up my ban list though, so I thank you Clover for this reminder.

  • This is the sort of stuff that makes me want to re-open the Lionheart Times.

    I may have dismissed Feralise’s comments as the complaints of a disgruntled individual, but a streak of curiosity led me to do a little investigating of my own.

    The ban list at Mr. Llewellyn’s shop parcel is 78 names long. Some of those names look like those of obvious griefers. However one name jumped out at me: the name of the incumbent Chairperson’s sister. This is hardly someone one would consider a mere griefer.

    Conversely, the ban list at Mr. Ferina’s shop is 3 names long, and all 3 appear to be variations on a similar name, thus likely alts of a common avatar.

    Would that I had more time for muckraking journalism. I guess it will have to be up to the voters to do their own digging.

  • Feralise

    I personally would like to vote against Talisien Llewellyn for this position as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Lionheart Nuka. On numerous occasions, this person has invaded the privacy of fellow land owners and repeatedly stirred up unnecessary conflict with residents who were hanging out or having friends over.
    In an almost stalker-like manner, he has watched the land of myself and my friendly neighbors and has, without reason, banned any player who has even crossed those lands from all of his owned shops. I wish I were kidding, but I have an alt who has never left my premises, much less done anything against him and she too is banned. So when I go through town, there are large banned lines around multiple stores, making it an ugly place to be. I tried to be the better person and contact him on this matter, trying to resolve whatever issues he had with me personally, only to be completely disregarded and labeled not worth his time.

    I genuinely hope that for the sake of this community and its town, folks will consider my words and realize this manner of handling issues is both unjust and unprofessional of someone who wishes to be in any position of consultation regarding our lands and how our community prospers as a whole.

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