Drawing the line

Some of you remember that Lionheart once ago was forced by sim owners to leave their sims and look for a new place, as they changed their conditions from one day to another without warnings which made it hard to keep up the same prices for Lionheart Tenants so we decided to leave our old place (See this article).

We was happy to have found the Ruwart sim where we established a beautiful new resort for our tenants and also opened a very nice and successful convention center. The conditions were great and the space and prim allowances allowed us to offer our tenants very reasonable conditions again.

Unfortunately, after less than a half year now at the new place, i discovered with our new neighbour at ruwart sim, Kainam McAlpine, who owns a nicee HDTV-Shop across the street, that the sim owners are cheating on their clients.

They are using a feature, which allows sim owners to equip a parcel with more than the standard prim allowance, called “Prim Bonus Factor”, to attract people who look for a piece of land with a better prim allowance. In fact, its nothing wrong with that. As long as you care about the conditions under which ones you can do that.

A Sim (65,536sqm) can hold up to 15,000 Prims. Thats the limit and there’s no way around that. It’s a technical limit which prevents the sim server from overload and too much lag. Based on these number, each squaremeter of land can hold 0.228 Prims. If you raise now the prim bonus factor, for example like at Ruwart to the value of 1.40, every squaremeter can hold more prims, like in our example up to 0.319 Prims. This is a nice giveaway for people who needs more prims but dont want to buy a even bigger parcel for that.

Now the interesting part: If you raise the prim bonus factor, you have to care about keeping a corresponding size of land free or with less prims on it to guarantee each parcel its new, raised allowance, as the sim capacity limit will stay 15,000 prims and cannot be exceeded. And thats exactly what the sim owners of Ruwart didnt do. They raised the prim bonus factors for all parcels to attract people to buy their land without keeping enough land free of prims to guarantee the promised prim allowances for all. But thats not all. If you add all parcel prim allowances together, you’ll clearly see that they exceeded here the sim capacity in high numbers. If you count only the sold parcels, which are 4 at ruwart, you already reach a number of 17507 prims of allowance.
Then they have the roadland, which uses by itself already 1196 Prims. That makes a sum of 18703 Prims already. You see, thats 3703 prims more as the sim ever could hold. So if three of four parcel owner gets close to its prim allowance already, and a fourth parcel owner joins, as it happened now, and tries to use its prims too, the fraud of the Ancapistan BnT Holdings Group shows its ugly face.

They sell land with overlimit prim allowances in the hope that noone uses its prim allowances completely and make a big business with that.

We are forced now into a situation that we face a full sim and we are not able to give you, our tenants your paid prims so that you can furnish your apartments as you wish etc. If you look at the same moment into the land info menu, you see that we still have more than 1000 prims available. But as the sim is full, unfortunately it doesnt matter if we have 1000 or 2000 prims left on our capacity.

For the Lionheart Rental Agency, honesty and abiding by our own contracts we make with our tenants, ever have been the most important values of our business. So we have had to find a solution for this problem to minimize the damage they have done to us so that at least you, our tenants, dont have to suffer from that.

In an emergency meeting we’ve decided to close the convention center as our parcel rans out of tier in two weeks. This should make some prims available at the sim for the moment so that the Resort tenants can continue as usual. Though it doesnt resolve the main problem, which needs to be taken care of by the sim owners. To make some immediate prims available, we reduced the convention center by taking away the big auditorium and the conference room and also some other unused areas.

In general i can say as Owner of the Lionheart Rental Agency, after beeing cheated twice on different sims where i’ve buyed land to offer apartments for my clients, i am tired and exhausted about issues like that. I don’t want to have my clients suffering for conditions or circumstances which are in the hands of third parties decisions and acts.

For this reason, Lionheart will open its own Estate soon with own sims where we will continue offering best service on quality properties for our clients. This way we no longer depend on other’s and their goodwill and we can prevent our clients to get in situations like we stepped in.

So what will happen now? Here a little timetable:

  • Lionheart Convention Center will close on November 6th. Tenants can stay till the end of their lease time or will be refunded for their left time on November 6th.
  • Lionheart Ruwart Resort will stay opened for our clients as far as we can guarantee the prim usage for you. If someone buys the parcel of the convention center later and uses all prims, we’ll face the same situation again. We’ll keep a permenant eye on the whole sim prim usage, as we can’t trust anymore on the parcel allowance values. On long terms, we may think about moving away from this sim.
  • Lionheart will open its own sims till the end of the year. We also will offer open space sims for sale for interested tenants. Please contact Dirk Klees, Truqueen Tebaldi or rsd58 Congrejo if you are interested.

I will keep you informed about new developments on this issue.

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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