Election Results – Lionheart Chamber of Commerce

Dear members of the chamber,

we’ve concluded the counts of the votes for the elections for the next 6 month term of our new chairman for the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce.

In total, 21 members have participated in the elections.
Out of these, 3 votes were invalid (One vote per business rule as well as for not being member of the chamber).

The remaining 18 valid votes were distributed as follows:

  • Sookie Slafford: 6 Votes
  • Clover Windlow: 12 Votes

We would like to thank both candidates for their participation and commitment and congratulate Clover Windlow to her new role as chairman of the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce for the upcoming term of 6 months 🙂 Please give her all your support and work together as a group, to make the project – and thus, your businesses here at Lionheart – a success for everyone!

Please watch out for the upcoming group notices for the constitutional meeting date.

Sincerely yours,

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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