Emerald Viewer to be blocked

Dear Residents,

Due to violations to their TPV (Third Party Viewer) Policy, Linden Lab will block the Emerald Viewer from logging in as of tomorrow Wednesday, 10am SLT. We advise all our residents to use either the official Viewer or another TPV-Conform Viewer to access Second Life.

Specially we want to advise against the usage of the latest Emerald release, which has a built in function to circumvent the viewer from being blocked, and the possibility of having additional malicious code can not be excluded, since this release was made by one person only, without the approval of the Emerald team. Linden Lab is aware of this circumventing function, and issued a warning in their blog post, that you will risk losing your account by attempting to circumvent this blocking:

Please be aware that attempting to circumvent our blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third-Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one’s account.

If you’re using Emerald, please visit the Second Life Download page or the Second Life Third Party Viewer Directory to choose another viewer to access Second Life using another viewer as soon as possible.

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