Howdy Neighbor Day – September 2010

Dear Community,

Howdy Neighbor Day is coming up this month and we’re quite open to suggestions.

Much of our past meetings have been hosted by myself and/or a member from the Lionheart Tao body, but the make up for the community doesn’t begin or end with us hardly.

There is a heap of new faces that have been added to Lionheart since our last assembly, some of which are past residents due for a reintroduction regarding their now acclaimed roles. These individuals are most certainly like-minded in wanting to meet the people of their surroundings and discuss the events which take place among our various social groups.

Now, we’d like to hear more from you, because after all it is YOUR community. Where would you like to meet? What would you like to discuss? Should any entertainment be involved?

Our next gathering takes place on September 18th, 2010 with a proposed time frame of 1pm – 3pm PDT. That’s a little over a week from now. If you’ve got activities you’d like to see occur, send us your thoughts in the form of a notecard. We are also completely open to having someone from the resident community to host the event. All that is needed is to mention it.

Let’s hear from you!

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