Saturday Live @ Under The Bridge

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, music is the universal language of mankind.

At Lionheart, our community is made up by a multitude of various language speakers, each person having his/her own distinct culture. The one force which we believe can bring us under unity is the fathom of music. Music that makes one want to move about; music that gives one a feeling of connection.

Today, Saturday, July 24th, we invite you to connect with us Under the Bridge to enjoy the live performances of two remarkable and talented individuals…

Spirited Emor - a Second Life Live MusicianSpirited Emor comes from a military family that has lived throughout the United States and Europe. Although he has had no vocal training nor been involved in singing professionally he has amazed his listeners with a crisp quality sound like no other. This is primary because he has sang for the majority of his life participating in chorus, contests in his comunity as well as singing every chance he gets. His favorite styles of music are classical and opera. He is a big fan of Josh Groban which is where he take his inspiration. Elton John and Michael Buble are at the top of his list. His sets are ecletic and fun, you never know when he might slip in some opera, or Italian songs–maybe between Elton and Josh!

Join us at 1PM PDT with Spirited Emor @ Under the Bridge!

Geos Copperfield - a Second Life Live MusicianGeos Copperfield unslings his guitar to serve up an entertaining mix of original material and crowd pleasing covers from the 60s to the current day. Drawing on his experience as a RL performer and band member and months of SL performing experience, Geos keeps the mood relaxed and fun. His warm banter with the audience has built him a solid following which continues to expand.

His unplugged, acoustic sound is ideal for hanging out, lining up the beers and shots with friends and dancing to an unhurried, relaxed mood. He’s a stress antidote in the key of G.

Join us at 2PM PDT with Geos Copperfield @ Under the Bridge!


Under The Bridge – that is your new location in the Canals of Lionheart’s Bay City, to enjoy live music events at Lionheart! Designed to provide you awesome evenings away from the trouble, ad-boards and malls. Just enjoy the music and have a great time.

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