Happy Easter 2011!

Dear Residents,

Lionheart wishes everyone a Happy Easter 2011!

Following the tradition of easter sunday’s, we have taken this opportunity to hide eggs around the 18 sims of the continent!

If you haven’t done so before, this is a great opportunity for you to get acquainted to the whole continent and discover it’s hidden places, secret corners and while doing so, find as much easter eggs as you can!

To make the whole easter egg hunt even more interesting, we draw some special prizes for the hunters with the most eggs found in the end! When you find our easter eggs, just click them, and move on to the next. Your clicks will be counted, and the winners will be announced at our next townhall meeting on April 30th 2011, watch out for the announcement for this townhall or check out our calendar.

We will have two winners for this hunt:

  • A current Lionheart Landowner:
    One week of free tier credited towards their parcel (to the smallest one, in case of owning more than one)
  • An external winner, who hasn’t owned land at Lionheart yet:
    Receives a 1024sqm parcel or similar (if no 1024sqm plot is available at this time), free of charge and including a week worth of tier time credited towards the new contract.

The easter egg hunt will commence at 8.00am SLT and end on monday. All eggs are hidden on protected land and mostly (but not always) near paths and roads. Please do not enter private properties! 😉  Happy hunting, and good luck everyone!

You don’t live at Lionheart yet? Then start your hunt here: Teleport to Lionheart Pumbaa LHRR Station.

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