Howdy Neighbor Day – October 2010

If you’ve been following the events in our calendar then you should know what tomorrow is.

Tylendel Falconer has agreed to provide his place as a loft for the community. There you’ll find a table of Greedy, Greedy and several game boards such as BallzKicker. This is meant to be a fun activity – so dreadful lectures and announcements are out…okay, maybe a few announcements. Anyway, if you’ve joined us before then you know what to expect. For all other guests, we welcome you early and look forward to finding you there!

Date: Tomorrow (October 9th, 2010)
Time: 1 PM PDT (SLT)
Location: Gala Tech @ Lionheart Nala

Howdy Neighbor Day is a Lionheart community group gathering. The occasion is purely informal and we invite all landowners, residents and merchants alike. You may discover familiar faces and surely much newer ones. This is your chance to get to know others, discuss community-related topics, engage in activities and have some all around fun.

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