LEMS Update to V1.24

Dear Residents,

We are updating today our LEMS (Lionheart Estate Management System) to Version 1.24, which includes a number of inworld and serverside changes.

Some suggestions have been included (i.e. a new Close Button for the Initial Menu) as well as a long list of smaller changes. We could shorten some scripts and delete others, so our already very low lag terminals are now even less laggier (previous version ran at an average of 0.033ms, V1.24 runs at an average of 0.024ms).

Now let’s explain to you what’s new

  • New Bonus System
    We’ve added a new bonus system, intented to reward loyal landowners as well as giving a relief to landowners who have contracted a certain amount of prims. Please see the the bonus program page for details and the covenant conditions.

    • Bonus for contract loyalty
      Bonus based on the time you keep your contract running. If you terminate a contract and start a new one, for example due to ownership change, sale or deeding a parcel to a group, the time starts counting new again.
    • Bonus based on contracted Prims
      Bonus based on the amount of prims you have contracted across the estate.
  • Detailled Invoice Positions
    Every invoice has been previously a simple record of your payment. From now on, every Invoice is broken down to show you every step of the calculations done by the system to give you even more transparency on how it handles your payments. Invoice positions can be reviewed by logging in with your account data at http://my.lionheartsl.com
  • Late Payment Fines
    To our regrets, we have seen the need to introduce late payment fines to our covenant, because we have recognized a pattern of abuse of our voluntarily given grace periods when a resident is in default. In other words, we have seen some residents running into arrears on a regulary base. Please remember, that every resident is obligated to meet their tier payments in time, in order to keep their land. Grace periods are not included in any way in your tier fees, they are a voluntary and at any time revocable service from our part. Linden Lab will continue charging their fees to us, they are not asking us if our residents have paid us in time or not.
    For this reason, we will charge from now on a 10% Late Payment Fine for the time been in default. We may waive this fine, if you advise us prior to any temporary payment problem by opening a support ticket through your parcel terminal and we’re agreeing to a special payment agreement with you. Hard times can happen to everyone, or technical problems impeding you to do your payments at a certain moment, and we understand that. All being asked for is that you contact us about that before something happens.

Covenant Changes

The covenant has been modified to incorporate the above described changes. You can review it inworld at your land by opening your About Land… Menu, Covenant Tab, or by clicking here.

We’ve also changed our covenant regarding the usage of Treehouses on residential land in relation to building height restrictions to give our residents a bit more freedom. As well here, see the covenant for details.

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