Lionheart Chamber of Commerce Election Results

Dear members of the chamber,

we’ve concluded the counts of the votes for the elections for the next term of our new chairman for the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce. The new term, for the first time in history of the chamber, will have a length of nine months, compared to six months before.

In total, 21 members of the chamber have voted (32.81% participation).

  • Fabiano Ferina: 13 Votes
  • Talisien Llewellyn: 8 Votes

We would like to thank both candidates for their participation and commitment and congratulate Fabiano Ferina to his new role as chairman of the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce for the upcoming term of 9 months!

Please give him all your support and work together as a group, to make the project – and thus, your businesses here at Lionheart – a success for everyone!

In the same breath, we would like to thank Sookie Slafford for her creative work and dedication during her past term, and hope she’ll continue to be a valuable member of the chamber.

Please watch out for the upcoming group notices for the constitutional meeting date.


Sincerely yours,

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

P.S.: If you’re not a member of the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce yet, and you own a commercial parcel at Lionheart, you can easily join by clicking your parcel terminal and chose: My Account > Groups > Chamber.

2 comments to Lionheart Chamber of Commerce Election Results

  • Fabiano Ferina

    I want to personally thank not only the ones who voted for me in the Chamber of Commerce Elections, but also to everyone who was involved.

    I am honored to serve the Lionheart CoC as a Chairman, and looking forward to collaborate togeather with all of you!

    More information about our first CoC meeting has been sent trough the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce group in-world.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime, regarding any matter or question you may have.

    Thank you!
    – Fabiano Ferina

  • Congratulations Fabiano. Looking forward to collaborating with you and all other Lionheart merchants. May the next 9 months and thereafter be filled with great success for everybody!

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