Lionheart Continent exceeds 1.000.000m²

Today, Lionheart has passed a new milestone in it’s history:

The millionth squaremeter of land area has been added with the purchase of our newest sim, Lionheart Rafiki.

As by today, Lionheart consists of 16 Sims with 1,048,576 square meters. Out of these, 539,328 m² are designed public area (Protected Land), and 509,248 m² are citizen owned land.

The new sim has been categorized as Commercial II and fills the gap between Lionheart Kiara and Lionheart Scar at the northern edge of our continent, continuing the canals of Lionheart Bay City as well as the LHRR Railroad Tracks coming from Kiara.

Further expansions are planned for all open edges of this sim to continue the Bay City theme across the coming sims.

You can visit Lionheart Rafiki by clicking here.

Please note, that during the first 24 hours the map won’t show the sim yet and teleports may not work using SLurls. Please teleport during this period to the neighbor sims Lionheart Kiara or Lionheart Scar and walk/fly over.

To add some more interesting spots to discover, we’ve added some public buildings to this sim. We’ll continue to add more of these public buildings to new sims as well, because we think they can become great spots to hang out and also serve as good style guide for new residents, to give an idea how to match best the theme of the sims.


Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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