Lionheart leaves Cove Island Sims

Dear Lionheart Tenants,

unfortunately, i have been informed yesterday by the SIM-Owners (Cove Islands), that they cancelled the condition contract with Lionheart and applied new Conditions for tier costs (maintenance costs for the SIM’s and profits for the SIM Owners). They applied the new conditions immediately without inform me in advance nor ask for my agreement.

Lionheart has been now client of Cove Islands for almost one year, we were one of the first companies who buyed land from them when they came up then with their first Commerce Sim, Kimokeo Cove. Meanwhile they have grown a lot and formed a whole continent around Kimokeo Cove, and Lionheart has grown with them and owns various parcels at their sims, for example at Alohi Cove and Akamu Cove, where lots of you live now in our Apartments.

As Lionheart has been a very big client of Cove Islands, we had special conditions with them, which allowed us to grant you competitive prices for your Apartments. Yesterday they changed their price calculations for Tier costs. For most of their residents, that brought slightly lower tier prices. But for big clients, that meaned the cancellation of the special conditions.

I tried to convince them to maintain for Lionheart the old conditions (Higher base price, but special conditions applied), but they denied. This has as consequence, that i would have to raise the Apartment Rents significantly to compensate (for example, a 100 prim apartment which costs now 320L$/week with seaview would cost approximately 440L$ then). The behaviour of Cove Islands seems to me like it happened already to other companies which grewed up very rapidly…they start loosing their contact to the base…their clients.

What will happen now?

Well, as Lionheart Owner i dont want that my clients suffer exorbitantly from this issue. For this reason, i decided to close the locations ALOHI TOWER, KIMOKEO TOWER and AKAMU RESORT. We will offer you another location as alternative. Lionheart recently has opened a new Apartment Building, Ruwart Resort, with Apartments with balconies, a huge and beautiful beach and parking lots. We will offer you to move to this new location as long we have available capacity. Around 90% of the Apartments have Seaview 🙂 Please use the following Landmark to have a look to the new location.

If you decide to move to Ruwart Resort, please fill out the following Notecard and drop it into the Moving Mailbox at your Building’s Main Lobby. You also can send me the Information via email to dirkklees (at)

For everyone else, who dont want to move or dont get a new Apartment in time as the capacity is limited, we’ll leave you at your old location until the lease time has finished or we’ll decide to refund you when we see that the mayority of the tenants have left the building. The Rental Boxes are locked and will not accept new payments anymore. Our parcels will be sold when we closed finally, if you are interested in buying one or more of them, feel free to contact us.

Shop Tenants

As Ruwart Resort doesnt offer shops for rent, we are not able to offer you an alternative location in this case. But we can offer you small parcels at Cove Islands for a good price if you want to take over some land from Lionheart.

Lionheart’s Future

Lionheart is well known within SL for high quality rental services and beautiful resorts. We worked hard for this reputation and we’ll continue our work and looking out for new Lands to open new Resorts for our clients. Right now this may be a hard moment for us, but we look forward to find the best locations for our clients and continue offering our well known service for you. Lionheart will continue…even it will be on another continent 🙂

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