Lionheart sets another milestone in estate management

Dear Residents,

Since the inauguration of LEMS back in July 2009, Lionheart has been market leader in modern estate management technologies for Second Life. Our systems always have been used exclusively for the benefit of the residents of the Lionheart continent and we’ve constantly continued to improve it for you and invented new things to make your stay even more easy and enjoyable.

PayPal Integration

Additional OptionsOne of the biggest advantages of a sophisticated system such as LEMS is, that in fact it can always be developed further, which is what we’ve been working on the last weeks.

We are today proud to announce another milestone in the evolution process of our system, which is the full integration of PayPal payment processing into LEMS!

What does that mean for you as Lionheart Resident?

You are able now to make your tier payments not only using Linden Dollar (L$), but also use your PayPal account, your credit card or in some countries even bank transfer. You can also setup a recurring payment subscription, which will regularly deposit the amount you specify towards your tier time account here at Lionheart. Setup a subscription and forget about your tier payments completely! Never more worrying about due dates, late payment fines or losing your land while you’re on vacation! Don’t worry, should you ever consider giving up your land, your subscription will be automatically canceled by our system.

Using PayPal as your preferred payment method will also save you the hassle to exchange your money for Linden Dollar first, which also saves you the LindeX fees.

How is that different from what other estates offer?

There are a few estates in Second Life which offer their landowners and tenants PayPal payments and subscription services as well. The big difference is the way these payments are handled and processed. The usual procedure used by other estates is that they manually update their hippoRent boxes or file cards. Sometimes they also subtract a lump sum for the PayPal fees involved, or added it upfront on the sum they asked you to pay.

Lionheart’s LEMS on the other hand, is directly connected to PayPal and processes payments and subscriptions instantly as they happen. You will never have to wait before your payment shows up on your tier time account, and you’ll never be charged any lump sums for the involved PayPal Fees, since we’ll only charge the fees which really have developed from your transaction.

New Payment Services Portal

Our new Payment Services Portal will help you to manage your subscriptions and make payments, so you’ll never lose the overview. You can check your active contracts 24/7 from the internet, and take care of your tier payments regardless you’re able to log in to Second Life or not.

Visit our Payment Services Portal at
Use your Lionheart account credentials which you can retrieve at your service terminal at the edge of your parcel.
(Click it, Go: My Account)

From in-world, you can easily access the payment portal from your parcel’s service terminal.
(Click it, Go: Pay Tier > PayPal or Credit Card)

Why PayPal?

We have decided to use PayPal as payment services provider for several reasons:

  • PayPal is safe: PayPal securely stores your financial information and protect it with the market leading security and fraud prevention systems. Furthermore, your financial details are never shared with the seller.
  • PayPal is fast and easy: You won’t have to enter your card or bank account details to pay. You will only need your email address and password.
  • PayPal is flexible: You choose how to pay: debit card, credit card or bank account.

How can i check my payments?

As Lionheart Resident, you automatically have access to our customer information portal My Lionheart, regardless which payment method you prefer. From there you access an overview about all your contracts which you have with us now and which you have had in the past, check your statements and see your detailed and broken down invoices, and many more.

Visit our Customer Information Portal at
Use your Lionheart account credentials which you can retrieve at your service terminal at the edge of your parcel.
(Click it, Go: My Account)


Lionheart will continue working on new and helpful features for you, so you can enjoy an easy and hassle-free stay with us, and have a great time in Second Life!

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