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Dear Residents,

Since September 2009, Lionheart has a very advanced and worthwhile bonus program in place for all of our landowners.

Thanks to this program, Lionheart has rewarded loyal landowners as well as bulk buyers with 2,820.60 Free Days of Tier worth an average of USD 1,976.48 (as by the day of writing this article)!

That means that in two years, we gave away almost USD 2,000.00 to our customers for free, as signs of gratitude to your loyalty to Lionheart and to your contracted volume.

The best thing is, that as land owner, you don’t have to care at all about anything in order to participate in our bonus programs, our system automatically applies any bonuses for which you qualify!

This way, no one is left behind, and you don’t have to care for filling out difficult forms, understand complicated rules, or whatever application process you’d usually have to complete in order to benefit from such kind of program.

There’s no land owner at Lionheart who could have missed a benefit of these programs because our system cares for everything automatically.

No other estate company on the grid offers such a service, not yet even talking about the full comfort of having everything handled automatically in the background for you, simply whenever you pay your tier!

However, we wouldn’t be Lionheart if we wouldn’t see even there some room for improvements to benefit our land owners.

We at Lionheart believe, that customer loyalty is the highest gift a service provider can receive from their customers. It shows that we must do something right, and it generates more stability for the whole continent. This is why we reward our loyal customers with the highest percentage of our bonus programs, to give back something and give you even more value for your money than you already get with Lionheart compared with many other estates.

Loyalty Bonus until today

From September 2009 until today, we gave away the below shown percentages of additional free tier time to our loyal land owners depending on their days of landownership:

Loyalty Bonus
Days of Landownership* Bonus Time
30 0.75%
90 1.25%
180 3.00%
270 4.00%
360 5.00%
720 6.00%

The new Loyalty Bonus

As mentioned above, we value customer loyalty more than everything else. For this reason, we wanted to see in which way we can improve the loyalty bonus program, to give you more incentives and also, to see an even faster effect on the duration of your stay.

We decided, to add more steps to the program so you’ll be able to get quicker from one step to another, and also to raise the maximum percentage to 10.00% bonus time (6.00% before), to give you even more value for your loyalty.

Loyalty Bonus
Days of Landownership* Bonus Time
30 1.25%
60 2.50%
90 3.75%
180 5.00%
270 6.25%
360 7.50%
540 8.75%
720 10.00%

The savings you’ll be able to reach with the new bonus program are enormous! To give you some comparison values to see where you’re able to end up the longer you stay:

Since our tier rate is fixed in USD, but most competitors are priced in L$, we’ve done the following comparision based on today’s LindeX exchange rate of 258L$ / 1.00 USD. Also, to give an even more fair comparision, we’ve added to our end price another comparison value, which is our tier price if Lionheart would not own protected land (which is land and prim allotments we cannot sell like others do, but still have to cover for using the tier fees), simply because more than 95% of our competitors don’t have any protected land.

The mentioned tier levels for Lionheart are to be understood as effective tier levels (the amount you’d have to bring up in order to add a week of tier to your contract). The tier fees will always remain the same, the system will add additional tier time to your account for free which is the bonus and thus, buying you more tier time for your money.

The competitor’s tier levels we’ve taken from our other calculation example which we’ve used to explain you the savings you have with Lionheart compared to so called “cheap” estates eyewashing their customers by selling 1L$ Land.

Lionheart’s Tier Fee Level:

  • When you just bought your land and haven’t reached any bonus program level yet:
    1.81L$/prim/week (with protected land) – 1.68L$/prim/week (without protected land)
  • After 6 months of stay (180 days):
    1.72L$/prim/week (with protected land) – 1.60L$/prim/week (without protected land)
  • After 1 year of stay (360 days):
    1.67L$/prim/week (with protected land) – 1.55L$/prim/week (without protected land)
  • After 2 years of stay (720 days):
    1.63L$/prim/week (with protected land) – 1.51L$/prim/week (without protected land)
  • After 2 years of stay (720 days) AND including the Contracted Prim Bonus as well:
    1.56L$/prim/week (with protected land) – 1.44L$/prim/week (without protected land)

Competitor’s Tier Fee Level:

  • Competitor 1. Price always remains the same, no matter how long you stay:
  • Competitor 2. Price always remains the same, no matter how long you stay:
  • Competitor 3. Price always remains the same, no matter how long you stay:
  • Competitor 4. Price always remains the same, no matter how long you stay:
  • Competitor 5. Price always remains the same, no matter how long you stay:
Please note, that this price comparison only compares estate companies who pay the same monthly fee as we do to Linden Lab each month, and not includes the so called “Grandfathered Sims”, which are a still existing, but slowly ceasing relict of earlier days and are priced a $100.00 less than the normal sims. Understandably, due to their different pricing, you’ll always find some competitors owning such sims who offer you land for less.
However, compared to most same-priced estates Lionheart is already one of the most reasonably priced estates on the grid, and our bonus program enables you to save even more on top!

New Notifications

While we had this nice and highly advanced bonus system in place since September 2009, advertised it on our website, within your statement at http://my.lionheartsl.com and even included a bonus time information on your in-world tier payment receipt which you get from your terminal whenever you pay tier, customer feedback mostly revealed that only a small percentage was aware of the fact that such a program even exists here at Lionheart or how it works.
We think, it is an important information to share, since it benefits you directly and you should always be informed about your current bonus program situation. Therefore, beginning from today on, our system will automatically send you a message whenever you have reached the next level of our loyalty bonus program, and tell you how much percent of additional tier time you’ll receive for each payment from the day of the message onwards.

Your loyalty helps shaping Lionheart!

As a matter of fact, both sides benefit a lot from customer loyalty. Your long term commitment to Lionheart helps us to move forward with the idea of Lionheart and continue creating a beautiful new contiguous continent for Second Life residents, and you enjoy an extremely high value for your money on Second Life Land, with a modern management, fast customer support, beautiful sim desings with more than 55% of public, protected land continent-wide and a lot of additional benefits you know us for.


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