Mall Renovation [Complete]


The renovation of the shops of the 1st floor is completed and the design of the central area with the escalator scenery has changed to grant a better view from the landing spot to every floor. The rest will be details, so i can declare the renovation process as concluded. Enjoy the new design!


The renovation of the shops at the 3rd and 2nd floor is complete, please check your shops if there is a need for moving prims to fit into the new style. Today we’re start building the 1st floor and the public areas.

To offer a better shopping experience for yourself and your clients, we are renovating the Mall and make a little style change.

Say goodbye to simple opened rental stalls, say hello to full fledged mall shops with showcase and entrance, with a more handsome sign above it. We also will offer bigger shops in the central area, four at each floor. They will offer 120 Prims and two entrances.

Don’t hesitate to watch our new design growing! Join our construction works at Ileina Cove!

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