Pathfinding coming to Lionheart

Dear Residents,

Today, Linden Lab has rolled out the new Pathfinding feature to the maingrid, opening up new possibilites for Second Life to become more vivid and interactive. Pathfinding allows for the very first time artificial intelligence characters to become alive, with little scripting burden and if done right, with less lag than all prior attempts of scripters to have prims behaving like living objects.

The Lionheart Management will keep an eye on how Pathfinding will evolve, how residents use it and how it impacts the region performance, and if necessary, include limits into the Covenant or even temporary deactivate it on the regions. However, we hope this will not be necessary.

Please use this new feature responsibly, always keeping your neighbors, your parcel boundaries and the region performance in mind.

More Information

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Lionheart wishes all residents a lot of fun with the new features!

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