Pets Update (Bunny’s in this case)

Dear Residents,

after doing some performance monitorings with the new “ozimals” (Bunnys), which apparently have a function to be turned off completely, we would think it’s ok to use these bunnies (in a responsibly low number in accordance with our covenant) and turn them off completely (instead of picking them up) when you’re leaving your home/log off.

For animals without a complete shutdown function, please remember that as by covenant, animals causing lag will still be returned if found unattended.

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 398,896
Citizens Land Sqm: 453,072
Parcels: 271
Parcels For Sale: 0
Directory Entries: 12
Citizens Prim Capacity: 382,520
Citizens Prims used: 82,054