Pets – Your best Friend at home

Dear Residents,

Recently our estate managers have found more pets than usual left out on parcels while the owners were not present or online at all. Please be aware of that this is a violation of our covenant, and we will have to return those pets which we find left out roaming around.

Unfortunately roaming pets are constantly causing collisions with their environment and due to this, lag down the sim unnecessarily for everyone else. Specially pets by “Zooby’s” are known for bad scripting (up to 60+ scripts per animal) which under certain circumstances don’t even manage to detect constant collisions with walls and other objects in their way so they continue to collide and lag the sim.

Our covenant is designed to guarantee everyone the most lag-free environment possible, and the enforcement of it has helped us to maintain an extremely high grade of performance of our sims over the last year.

From August 2009 till today, our sims average frame rate has been 43.46FPS, which makes Lionheart one of the best performing estates ever.
(You can check out these data anytime by visiting our performance archive at (Statistics > Performance Archive and Performance by Month)).

Please help us by keeping these sims lag free for everyone, including yourself and your fellow neighbors, and either take your pets back into your inventory when you leave your home and/or log off (specially Zooby’s Pets), or turn them off completely (for example Ozimals).

Lionheart has always been a pet-friendly estate, and we’ll continue to allow them, and with every resident complying with our covenant, we can keep this place lag free and enjoyable for everyone, including for yourself.

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