Prepare your Parcels for Christmas

Dear Residents,

Christmas time moves closer, and many of you will spend more time with your families than on the computer.

Our experiences with the past years have shown, that not everyone remembers to log in during these days and some even might miss their due tier payments and end up losing their parcel.

We’d like to take this opportunity and remind you to pay up your contracts sufficiently so you’ll be covered for the time you will spend offline with your loved ones. Our system allows you to pay up as much or as little upfront as you wish, so you can pay up exactly for the time you’d like to cover.

How to calculate your tier daywise? Use this formula:

([Your weekly Tier Fee] / 7) * [Days you want to pay] = Needed amount.

For example:

(L$1000 / 7 = 142.86) * 20 days= L$2857 are needed to pay up for 20 days.

Remember: You always can check your contract data online at Your LEMS password is available at any in-world parcel terminal. Menu path: My Account > IM Password.

PayPal Subscriptions or Credit/Debit card payments

For the total convenience, setup a PayPal subscription at your terminal in-world or directly at (same password as for My Lionheart)! Never forget a due date anymore 🙂

You can also issue one-time payments using your PayPal account or any credit/debit card from here.

We wish you a merry christmas time 🙂


Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

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