Re-opening of the Lionheart Plaza

Dear Residents,

In the very first days of our continent, the central point of our first sim Lionheart has been a pretty scenic open air plaza with information about our estate and the few parcels we had for sale back then.

As time went on, the Lionheart Plaza became too small to contain all the things we wanted to provide there, as it still served as our main sales center as well as resources location for our residents for security systems, our shopping guide, the community flags etc, so we re-designed it and replaced the open air structure and the Plaza itself with a closed two story building, the first floor serving as sales center and the basement contained resources for our residents.

After some time however, we gave up the idea of having our main sales center there, simply because it was impossible to provide all the information at so little space. Meanwhile, we’ve been opening very successfully running information centers at mainland with much more space and multiple parcel browsers so even if more than one customer wants to inform themselves about available land they still could independently browse our offerings.

This gave us the opportunity to really dedicate the Lionheart Plaza to our existing residents and landowners and loosen up the whole structure since it doesn’t need to be that heavily filled up with information material anymore. We had two ideas in mind:

  • Rebuild the original Lionheart Plaza as it was in the first days of Lionheart
  • Create a new, modern structure designed for the needs the location needs to fulfill
While the first option for sure would have served well for historic and sentimental purposes, we really needed a location with walls, in order to put up some information material and vendors, versus having an open plaza like the original one with no possibilities of setting up information boards except when we create artificially free standing walls.
The new plaza offers both: Walls for our features, as well as an open air setting beautifully integrated into the sim’s design offering a lot of nice features for our residents as well as a single parcel browser for accidential passers-by who are interested in what we offer, but without all the additional information you can find at our information centers.

New Community Pin Board

In first place, the Lionheart Plaza now serves our existing landowners and residents. Some of the things you can expect to find here are for example:
  • A selection of Lionheart-approved security systems which meet the requirements of our covenant by offering the setting options you need
  • Our community flags which you can receive for free at our vendor, simply by clicking it and having your “LIONHEART Estate Residents” group tag activated
  • Our shopping guide, with some carefully selected landmarks of locations where you can buy high quality products for your land, e.g. prefab-architects, textures, furniture
  • New: Our Community Pin Board, which allows you to leave notes publicly for your fellow residents. Basically it works like a pin-board in real life. You can leave for example pictures of beautiful moments there, thoughts and impressions, or even a lonely hearts ad. Possibilities there are many. Don’t be shy, go ahead and be one of the first posting something!
  • Boat rezzers, where you can easily “rent” a boat for free simply by jumping into it and driving away. Explore Lionheart from the waterside.
As central landing hub for Lionheart, with people arriving looking for Lionheart on the map, it also serves as connection to our public transportation services and has an own bus-stop, connecting our southern sims with the Bay City area and the Pumbaa Station. Alternatively, several vehicle rezzers allow visitors to make tours on their own.
Visit the Lionheart Plaza today! Click here for Teleport.
P.S. Please bare with us while we still add some items. The shopping guide is receiving an overhaul and will be added within a few days 🙂

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