Revamped Land Store and Business Listings

Dear Residents,

Since Lionheart belongs to one of the best managed estates on the grid, and also operates the most advanced management system, we knew that in order to keep this status we’ve got to keep updating our systems and procedures so we’ll always stay ahead of our competitors.

But staying ahead of competitors is not the only reason we keep on working on new features and upgrades for you. We also want you, our customers, to get the most out of our technology. Improving usability is important for us, as well as improving our special services, so that they work better for you.

This is why we’ve revamped both our Land Store, as well as our Business Listings for you. Both features’ old lists have been replaced by SL’s Map API in order to allow for graphical orientation at our continent. It’s much easier to find something, be it land for sale, or a business you’re looking for, when you can see it on a map where it’s located at, instead of scrolling through a dry list of data.

We’re continuing to work on little details as well as adding new features (more about these later), to make these features work even better for you. One of the changes the next days will be an updated category list for the business listings, which should make it easier for you to find one which fits.

If you haven’t published your business yet at our listings page, you can easily do so by visiting your parcel’s terminal at the edge of your land. Click it and choose: Main Menu > Publish.


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