Show pride for your community!

Dear Residents,

we’ve got some very interesting suggestion from a resident, who suggested, to create a flag for the Lionheart Community, which would be available for Lionheart Residents and which you can show off at your home or business location here at Lionheart.

Since we have to keep our company logo separated from any publicly available flag, we think this is a great idea!

For this reason, we’re inviting everyone to send us your suggestion of a Lionheart community Flag motive! Our three favourites will be put up for a  final vote by you, to decide which flag will win the contest!

How can i participate?

Please send your flag motive suggestion as texture with full permissions to Dirk Klees in-world thru October 31st 2010. The flag should have an aspect ratio of 2:3.

To make this contest even more interesting, the winner won’t just win the fame of being the creator of the flag motive, but will also win a free week of tier*!

We’re awaiting your entries!

Dirk Klees
Lionheart Owner

* To be credited towards the smallest parcel, if the winner owns more than one parcel.

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