[Completed]Tier System Transition

[07/22/2009 – Transition Complete]

[07/21/2009 – Begin of transition of the shown website data]

[07/21/2009 – Exchange of parcel terminals finished]

[07/20/2009 – Exchange of parcel terminals started]

[07/19/2009 – New Covenant applied]

We have started the transition from our old tier colleting system hippoRent to our new, own custom-made Lionheart Estate Management System (LEMS).

It will bring a lot of new features for our customers and make their life and land management much easier than ever known in SL. It will enable our Landowners to really manage and control their land and their tier account, and this not by using complicated processes or having the need of staff assistance for every single bit. LEMS is the first system ever known in SL, which really puts power into the customer’s hands. A full feature’s list and a version log will be published soon as a separate section.

Transition Process Steps

  • Covenant changes on Sunday 19th of July 2009 to fit the new functionalities of the LEMS. The new Covenant will apply for those with a new Parcel Terminal. Landowners still having the old Tier Terminal, will be handled grandfathered under the old covenant until they receive the new LEMS Terminal.
  • Landowners who want to swap their property to another one, can only do that by themselves if BOTH properties are equipped already with new LEMS Terminals. If one of them still has an old one, you need to contact Lionheart Milena to request a preferential update of your terminal, so that the automatic swap as by the new covenant can work.
  • We start on Monday, 20th of July 2009 with the replacement of the old Terminals. As this process can take a few days, we ask you to bare with us while we work on the replacements. The replacements will be made in the follwing order:
  1. For Sale Parcels
  2. Parcels owned by individual owners
  3. Group owned Parcels
  • After the successful replacement of the Terminals, we’ll start to change the website, showing the new system’s data. Please be aware of, that during all that time, the website unfortunately shows incomplete data, as it is connected to the old system and we’re taking step by step the old system’s components away from in-world. Once the Website has been changed, it will show correct data again.
  • Land Owners who have setup a website directory entry with the old system, will need to setup their entry again with the new system, as the new system works different and supports a broad variety of categories to select from.
  • Please contact our Support Team during the transition process directly by sending IM in-world, as our support system is not working during the transition.

We will post updates here to keep you updated about each step. The estimated time for the whole transition is one week. Thanks for your patience during this week.

For any questions, please IM Lionheart Milena.

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