Splash into Summer Savings!

Summer Green, Sunny Landscape

With the summer solstice just two weeks away, the northern hemisphere is heating up. Those of us, who find it warm outside, want to be able to play in the nice weather and visit cool places. Of course, this requires some bit of funds to do, so you don’t want to spend […]

The Great Lionheart Excursion

Hello Residents and Friends!

The lazy days of summer have definitely arrived and it’s the perfect time to perk the community back up with another Howdy Neighbor Day! There are many new faces here at Lionheart recently and we’d like the chance to get to know you all better, just as we’re sure you are […]

Release of our 10th Sim, Lionheart Timon

Dear Residents,

almost 3 Years after signing up for SL, and one year and two months after the grand opening of our first Sim ever, Lionheart, i’m proud to announce the opening of our 10th Sim,

Lionheart Timon

located at the west side of Lionheart Pumbaa. The Sim is zoned Commerce II and the penultimate […]

Lionheart Railroad Central Station Opened

We proudly announce the opening of a milestone of our new projected Railroad Lines, the Central Station at Pumbaa.

The LHRR will connect in future the comer continent’s sims with each other and give you a great feeling of classic travelling in SL =)

Please visit the central station by clicking here. A Testride of […]

Lionheart Nala Released

Our fourth sim has just opened and has prepared some very beautiful landside and lakeside residential parcels and roadside commerce parcels, connected to the other sims of our continent.

Lionheart Nala is the continuation of our mixed residential / commerce continent and has prepared connections for later expanding.

Please feel free to visit Lionheart […]

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