New Panorama Parcel Browser released

As result of our continuing effort in improving our technologies and create new innovations, we have released today a new system component for our LEMS (Lionheart Estate Management System).

Previous parcel browsing systems were more flat board alike, showing a rather small image for each parcel for sale and making it difficult to judge a […]

Lionheart sets another milestone in estate management

Dear Residents,

Since the inauguration of LEMS back in July 2009, Lionheart has been market leader in modern estate management technologies for Second Life. Our systems always have been used exclusively for the benefit of the residents of the Lionheart continent and we’ve constantly continued to improve it for you and invented new things to […]

LEMS Update – V1.26 Released

Dear Residents,

yesterday we have released a major update to our Estate Management System LEMS which brings a lot of Improvements for you.

Bonus Program

The Loyalty Bonus calculation was based until now on the length of your current contract. If you have deeded your land to a group, bought a new parcel or swapped […]

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