Re-opening of the Lionheart Plaza

Dear Residents,

In the very first days of our continent, the central point of our first sim Lionheart has been a pretty scenic open air plaza with information about our estate and the few parcels we had for sale back then.

As time went on, the Lionheart Plaza became too small to contain all the […]

Extending Route 1 – Release of Lionheart Kopa

Dear Residents,

We’re proud to announce the release of our 20th sim, Lionheart Kopa!

Besides the continuation of our lake and river themed area, the route 1 which will later lead travellers to the south-east edge of our continent, this new sim also marks the slow beginning of our mountain areas which will step by […]

Mixed. Mingled. Felt Good.

Howdy Neighbor Day - May 2011

Lionheart held it’s seventh resident community meet-up, known as Howdy Neighbor Day on May 14th, 2011 at Lionheart Pumbaa Auditorium.

Everyone was very pleased with the turn out of attendance. It’s understandable that folks possess different levels of comfort for disclosing information about themselves, and some desire to remain in privacy. […]

Lionheart releases Sim No. 18: Lionheart Zira

Dear Friends,

Lionheart is proud to announce the opening of our 18th Sim, Lionheart Zira!

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The new sim […]

Lionheart Continent exceeds 1.000.000m²

Today, Lionheart has passed a new milestone in it’s history:

The millionth squaremeter of land area has been added with the purchase of our newest sim, Lionheart Rafiki.

As by today, Lionheart consists of 16 Sims with 1,048,576 square meters. Out of these, 539,328 m² are designed public area (Protected Land), and 509,248 m² are […]

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