New Bay City Sim: Lionheart Taka Released

Dear Residents,

We’re happy to announce the opening of our 19th sim, Lionheart Taka 🙂

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The parcels are […]

Enabling parcel encroachment object return

Dear Residents,

On February 1st 2011, Lionheart will enable a new system feature on all sims. This post is to inform you about how this feature works, how you might need to prepare your parcels, and which benefits it will bring to you.

Some of you might have had the following situation already:

You login […]

Candidates for the Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Elections

Dear Residents,

as announced in our last blog post about the upcoming elections for the chairperson for the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce, we will publish today the notecards we’ve received from the candidates till the deadline yesterday.

We’ve received two notecards, and will publish them below in the order we’ve received them. We hope the […]

Lionheart sets another milestone in estate management

Dear Residents,

Since the inauguration of LEMS back in July 2009, Lionheart has been market leader in modern estate management technologies for Second Life. Our systems always have been used exclusively for the benefit of the residents of the Lionheart continent and we’ve constantly continued to improve it for you and invented new things to […]

Town Hall Meeting May 2010

Dear Residents,

this months Town Hall Meeting will be held:

Date: Saturday, May 29th 2010 Time: 1pm SLT Place: Lionheart Pumbaa Auditorium (Click for Teleport)

The Town Hall Meetings are used to offer you a frontline information source from Lionheart for news and evolutions about the estate, knowing your neighbours, talk about your problems, your […]

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