In Their Own Words: The Work and Remarks of Logan Porterfield

Logan's Run - Mirage Pub

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Everyone has a story; good, bad, or indifferent. I’ll take a moment to discuss about an individual from the Lionheart Community. She goes by the name of Logan Porterfield.

Home of the Mirage Pub and Porterfield Gallery.

Like many others, I’m […]

Mixed. Mingled. Felt Good.

Howdy Neighbor Day - May 2011

Lionheart held it’s seventh resident community meet-up, known as Howdy Neighbor Day on May 14th, 2011 at Lionheart Pumbaa Auditorium.

Everyone was very pleased with the turn out of attendance. It’s understandable that folks possess different levels of comfort for disclosing information about themselves, and some desire to remain in privacy. […]

Howdy Neighbor Day – September 2010

Dear Community,

Howdy Neighbor Day is coming up this month and we’re quite open to suggestions.

Much of our past meetings have been hosted by myself and/or a member from the Lionheart Tao body, but the make up for the community doesn’t begin or end with us hardly.

There is a heap of new faces […]

The Great Lionheart Excursion

Hello Residents and Friends!

The lazy days of summer have definitely arrived and it’s the perfect time to perk the community back up with another Howdy Neighbor Day! There are many new faces here at Lionheart recently and we’d like the chance to get to know you all better, just as we’re sure you are […]

Lionheart Community Social Hour on May 9th, 2010

Our residents had such a great time last weekend that we thought to resume with the offering of a social meet-up even sooner. As such, we’ll be having another event this Sunday afternoon at 2pm SLT / 9pm UTC.

Come and be part of a networking party at Tyl’s Gameroom (hosted by Tylendel Falconer). There […]

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