Pathfinding coming to Lionheart

Dear Residents,

Today, Linden Lab has rolled out the new Pathfinding feature to the maingrid, opening up new possibilites for Second Life to become more vivid and interactive. Pathfinding allows for the very first time artificial intelligence characters to become alive, with little scripting burden and if done right, with less lag than all prior […]

Lionheart Winter Wonderland 2011

Dear Residents,

Just like every year, we’ll cover all sims with snow and ice (except the beaches in the south), so you can decorate your homes, gardens and stores for christmas and enjoy some beautiful moments with your loved ones in front of the chimney or go sliding or ice-skating at […]

Second Life Update – November 2011

What’s new?

On November 8th, there was the launch of a new Second Life Viewer. With this release Second Life Residents are given more options to customize their user interface, increased usability and a new communication tool.

Now you can manage your screen real estate with drag-n-drop buttons using one, two, or three toolbars. These […]

Interview with Blaise Glendevon, of

Blaise Glendevon

Several weeks ago we published a resident story shared by one of our landowners. We were pleased by the feedback received from the readership and wanted to continue with that, but have since decided to go about presenting the offering in different form. We passed an open invitation […]

If you build it…they will what?

Roundabout Caution Sign

Anyone who runs a private virtual estate has likely ran across their share of infamous questions inquired by potential customers, but what would be the most prominently remembered ones from all experiences? I’d like to think that these are: “How much traffic goes through here?” and “Would x sort of business have a good success?“


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