More Bonus Levels for our most loyal Residents!

Dear Residents,

As announced in our last townhall meeting, we have prepared a very special gift for our most loyal residents this year!

We at Lionheart believe in giving back to those, who support us and believe in us for a long time. This is the reason, why we have initiated our bonus program back […]

More Prims for Everyone!

Dear Residents,

As announced on our last townhall meeting on November 6th, 2016, everyone has now a 33% higher prim allowance on their land, at no additional cost!

You can check your new prim allowance by opening your About Land menu, Objects tab.


As said, these prims are provided to you at no […]

Winter Theme Contest 2011 Results

Dear Residents,

After a very busy real-life week, i’ve finally been able to compile your contest-entries together for this blog post. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in this contest, it was really hard to chose the winners. You’ve done an awesome job with your decorations, and not even […]

Service Till the End – For Sale by Owner

Dear Residents,

Sometimes it happens, that you have to quit Second Life for a while, or you moved to a bigger parcel within Lionheart and had not enough credit left on the previous parcel to make a swap so you have to sell your old land, or you have to leave your property for another […]

Loyalty pays off – Lionheart even more!

Dear Residents,

Since September 2009, Lionheart has a very advanced and worthwhile bonus program in place for all of our landowners.

Thanks to this program, Lionheart has rewarded loyal landowners as well as bulk buyers with 2,820.60 Free Days of Tier worth an average of USD 1,976.48 (as by the day of writing this article)!


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