Lionheart Sarafina Released

Dear Customers!

Our newest Sim, Lionheart Sarafina, has opened its “doors” for everyone now and is ready for sale! Sarafina offers double prim allowances on:

9 Commerce Parcels 16 Residential Parcels

Commerce parcels are roadside. The residential parcels are categorized as lakeside, grassy islands, hillside and hilltop.

Lionheart Sarafina will be the entrance point […]

Testimonial Lottery Drawing

Tell us what you think about us and win a gift voucher for Union Micro or Effects Gestures! We draw a total of 9 gift vouchers for published testimonials. The drawing ends on 30th of April 2009.

The Vouchers will have a value of:

Union Micro: 3 X 1000L$ Effects Gestures: 6 X 300L$

You […]

Data Center Moves

Dear DataCenter Tenants,

since around two months we face a serious lag issue at Lorrey sim, where the data center is located. One of the neighbours has setup a lot of laggy stuff on his parcel and additionally installed an army of bots with extremely high ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) avatars which causes that it […]

Lionheart Simba released

We gladly announce, that our third sim, Lionheart Simba has been released and is available for purchase. The parcels have, like the previous Lionheart Sims, a 100% higher prim allowance than on normal land. It is designed as mixed commerce/residential community with a big lake, connecting to Lionheart Sim with a waterfall.

Please take a […]

Union Micro Mainstore opened at Lionheart

New Union Micro Mainstore

We are glad to announce, that Union Micro, well known for top-notch virtual Elevators and other scripted products, has opened its new Mainstore at Lionheart Sim.

Check out this new and awesome building, a 12 stories skyscraper, and explore the Union Micro Products, their brandnew designed demo area or […]

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