Winter Theme Contest 2011 Results

Dear Residents,

After a very busy real-life week, i’ve finally been able to compile your contest-entries together for this blog post. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in this contest, it was really hard to chose the winners. You’ve done an awesome job with your decorations, and not even […]

Lionheart Christmas Market opened!

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Dear Residents,

As announced before, like every year, we’ve been preparing a christmas market for you. Most […]

Merchants Move-In – Christmas Market 2011

Dear Residents,

As promised in an earlier blog post, we’ve been setting up this year’s christmas market for you!

As merchant at Lionheart, and member of the Lionheart Chamber of Commerce, you’ll be enabled to use one of the 24 booths to set up a little christmas sale stand with your products, beginning today, while […]

Lionheart Winter Wonderland 2011

Dear Residents,

Just like every year, we’ll cover all sims with snow and ice (except the beaches in the south), so you can decorate your homes, gardens and stores for christmas and enjoy some beautiful moments with your loved ones in front of the chimney or go sliding or ice-skating at […]

Lionheart Winter Wonderland 2010

Dear Residents,

when the days get shorter, the nights colder, and the first snow begins to fall, it’s time again for Lionheart to jump into it’s snow dress and get ready for the holidays!

Just like last year, we’ll cover all sims from December 1st -31th with snow and […]

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