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Welcome to Lionheart

Lionheart is a community of Second Life residents, living and working at the continent named after itself. Unlike the majority of private estates in Second Life, our sims are forming a contiguous landmass, inspired by the original idea for success of Second Life’s mainland, but without the anarchy, lag and disorder.

This pretty uncommon approach influenced us to create an environment with a great amount of open spaces, public areas, infrastructure, and grants a home to an extraordinary community of residents, who enjoy their Second Life to the fullest at our continent every day.

Discover the possibilities of Lionheart! Enjoy your private piece of residential land for your home in a beautiful atmosphere, while still having the option to step out of your door and join nightlife, go shopping and traveling! Open your store around the corner and learn more about the benefits of commercial land at the continent of Lionheart. Click here, to learn more about our guiding principles, or here to learn about our pricing concept.

The best part: You don’t need a premium account to own Second Life Land in with Lionheart! Save up to $119.40 per year compared to owning land with Linden Lab! On top, you’ll get better and faster support, a covenant-protected neighborhood and you’ll be billed fair, means you won’t be charged for land you don’t even own like it’s the case with a premium account.

See below a limited choice of available Second Life land. To see the complete availability listings, please check out our Commercial Land or Residential Land listings.

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Available Parcels (Real Time Data) | Randon Selection (5 shown)
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Maturity, Area, Prims,Bonus[2]
Conditions / Offers
Initial Tier Rate[1]
Setup Type
Lionheart Scar | Roadside | 3840 sqm | 1861 Prims | Tier $ 10.05 / week Moderate 3840 m² | 1861 Prims (1.59[2])
Current Offer:
Comes with 7 Days of Tier!

$ 10.05 [1] or L$ 2723 [3] per week
Land Only
Equivalent to 6106 m² [2]
Commercial II [4]
Lionheart Scar
Lionheart Kovu | Lakeside | 3120 sqm | 1428 Prims | Tier $ 7.71 / week Moderate 3120 m² | 1428 Prims (1.50[2])
Current Offer:
Comes with 7 Days of Tier!

$ 7.71 [1] or L$ 2090 [3] per week
Land Only
Equivalent to 4680 m² [2]
Residential II [4]
Lionheart Kovu
Lionheart Simba | Roadside | 2496 sqm | 1522 Prims | Tier $ 8.22 / week Moderate 2496 m² | 1522 Prims (2.00[2])
Current Offer:
Comes with 7 Days of Tier!

$ 8.22 [1] or L$ 2227 [3] per week
Land Only
Equivalent to 4992 m² [2]
Commercial I [4]
Lionheart Simba
Lionheart Mufasa | Rural | 896 sqm | 546 Prims | Tier $ 2.95 / week Moderate 896 m² | 546 Prims (2.00[2])
Current Offer:
Comes with 7 Days of Tier!

$ 2.95 [1] or L$ 799 [3] per week
Land Only
Equivalent to 1792 m² [2]
Residential I [4]
Lionheart Mufasa
Lionheart Scar | Roadside | 400 sqm | 193 Prims | Tier $ 1.04 / week Moderate 400 m² | 193 Prims (1.59[2])
Current Offer:
Comes with 7 Days of Tier!

$ 1.04 [1] or L$ 282 [3] per week
Land Only
Equivalent to 636 m² [2]
Commercial II [4]
Lionheart Scar


[1] = Our Bonus Programs automatically reduce your effective Tier, the longer you stay and the more land you own. No subscription needed, all Bonuses apply automatically when you qualify for them.

[2] = Our Properties offer you more prims than a standard parcel of this size would allow. Because this parcel has a primbonus, it is prim-wise equivalent to a parcel with the shown sqm. Keep this in mind when comparing prices.

[3] = Currency conversion based on the LindeX exchange rate of currently: L$271.00/1.00 USD

[4] = See Category Information as shown below.

Category Information

Commercial I

Perfectly arranged parcels for normal traffic businesses, like for example Headquarters, Main-Stores, Offices, Apartments and many other. As this parcel type usually shares the same Sim with residential parcels, Clubs, Malls or Casinos and other high traffic/lag usages are not allowed to reduce possible lag. Please use our Commercial II zoned parcels for these purposes. Little Hint: Residential Living is also possible on all our commercial parcels.

Commercial II

Perfectly arranged parcels for all businesses, like for example Headquarters, Main-Stores, Offices, Apartments and many more. Malls and Clubs are allowed as well. Little Hint: Residential Living is also possible on all our commercial parcels.

Mixed Use

Mixed purpose parcels for residential and/or light commercial use. No Clubs! Max. building height 35m. Signs must not face other properties, but are allowed to face the road. See covenant for further details.

Residential I

Beautiful residential properties for the prim-hungry avatar. All parcels offer a generous prim bonus and are surrounded by a bit of extra space towards the next neighbor for additional privacy. If you need larger land with less prims, please check out our Residential II parcels.

Residential II

Pure Residential Land offering a generous prim bonus. A protection zone of at least 4 meters measured from the parcel boundary line must remain clear of any main building structures such as houses, walls etc.

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 400,496
Citizens Land Sqm: 451,472
Parcels: 270
Parcels For Sale: 39
Directory Entries: 31
Citizens Prim Capacity: 372,021
Citizens Prims used: 130,608