Even More Prims – Now on Pumbaa!

Dear Residents,

A few weeks ago, Linden Lab has upgraded all private estate sims to 20,000 prims at no charge (from 15,000), with an optional upgrade to 30,000 prims (for a fee, of course).

As announced at the last Townhall and on our blog post, we have now purchased the first upgrade to 30,000 prims!

Lionheart Pumbaa was the first one, and we will see how the acceptance of the large amount of prims will be, specially for new customers, as the upgrade comes with a slightly higher tier fee on that sim to make up for the increased monthly sim price. We will decide whether to upgrade more regions to 30,000 prims in a few weeks time, based on the experiences we collect on Pumbaa.

We’re happy to let you know that existing Pumbaa Landowners will not be charged for the prim upgrade, despite the increase in monthly region tier price. Enjoy your free, additional prims! This counts for as long as they hold their parcel with us. Upon returning a parcel to Lionheart, the special conditions on that contract will be forfeited and the normal tier fees will apply to any new contract on that parcel afterwards.

Lionheart – More prims than anywhere else!

Did you know, that Lionheart already is the number one choice for the primhungry avatar? Since our first sim back in 2008, we have provided our residents with up to 200% the amount of prims compared to a standard sim. Now, with that 30,000 Prim-Upgrade, that number raises to 233%!

Please read more on that topic here: We have the most prims for you!

We will keep you updated about further upgrades on this blog and via group notice.

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