Lionheart Design Award

We at Lionheart appreciate individuality, creativity and good taste, specially when it comes to a well designed piece of land here at Lionheart by one of our landowners.

Thanks to an abundantly filled market with prefab buildings, it’s not difficult for anyone to buy some pre-built home, store or other kind of building. This makes it very tempting to quickly search for a structure which fills the needs of that person most, buy it, and rez it on their land.

The real challenge, however, is to start building and texturing by yourself, to design and create an individual structure, made specifically for the piece of land you own, and integrate it nicely into the design and theme of the region it is located in, which in some cases even requires certain skills of landscaping as well.

Lionheart wants to cultivate this kind of individuality and creativity at our continent, for which reason we’ve initiated the Lionheart Design Award. The award is endowed with a free week of tier credited towards the awarded parcel, as well as a blog entry at our website.

The award will be drawn on an occasional basis to our residents when we find some outstanding creation on one of our sims, entirely built and designed by one of our landowners. This doesn’t only include the building structure itself, but also the whole concept of integrating the structure nicely into our sims, landscaping of the land, matching a theme or surrounding (where applicable), and adding overall value to the look of our sims.

The estate owner himself, as well as the team of Lionheart, will regularily check the sims for a possible candidate. Please understand that we don’t accept nominations for this award.

Lionheart will publish any winners below this article, as well as honor their build with a separate blog entry. Please subscribe to this website to stay updated.

Lionheart Design Award Winners

  1. 03/27/2011: Uggo Vieria @ Lionheart Simba
  2. 05/29/2011: Haylee Macbeth @ Lionheart Taka
  3. 08/29/2011: Iynque Loire @ Lionheart Mohatu

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