The Company

Past, Presence & Future

Lionheart was founded as Rental Agency back in May 2007 by Dirk Klees, aiming to offer stellar Service, a realistic environment, and a stable community to it’s customers.

Beginning the first 18 months of business with rental apartments, a mall and beach resorts, in November 2008 Lionheart has finally decided to grow further into an own continent within Second Life.
As prior customers of other private estates (Cove Islands and later BnT Holdings), we were able to learn a lot out of other’s mistakes regarding customer service, sim design, infrastructure and much more, which helped us to shape our concept and idea of a better service and environment for our own customers.

Since the inauguration of the first sim in December 2008, our contiguous Continent of Lionheart has grown to a contigously designed multisim Estate. The Vision from the very first moment was to hold on to our basic aims, specially to mention in this context to create a realistic environment which invites our residents to discover new places, enjoy the vast public areas, and use the waterways, roads and railroad lines to travel around.
We were able to create a community of residential residents and merchants, living and working together at the same continent, even on the same sims.

Our plans for the future are the expansion of this continent and developing the scenery further into different landscapes by adding mountains, seas, more forests, lakes and rivers, all explorable freely by using roads or railroad lines or even flying vehicles. Plannings include also the usage of homesteads and openspace sims to create unforgettable sceneries and spaces to relax and enjoy. We want to strengthen the community and continue to expand our efforts to be a helpful resource to new residents.

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