Get your land ready for the holiday season!

Dear Residents,

As every year, we’d like to remind you before you leave for holiday season and spend some special days offline with your real life loved ones, to pay up your parcel(s) before you log off for a while, to not find your land taken back when you return and your home/business gone.

You can always pay as much in advance as you like. Either by using one of the 4 pre-populated buttons for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks (shown in red on the image below), or by entering a free amount of your choice into the field shown in the green frame on the image below. The system will automatically translate your amount into the corresponding amount of time added to your contract.

Alternatively, you can also pay via PayPal or setup a PayPal subscription, to never forget a tier payment again! Simply use the corresponding option in your terminal’s payment menu.

We wish you a happy season!


Dirk Klees

Lionheart Owner

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