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I’ve been a land owner, both as a Premium user buying directly from Linden Lab and as a non-premium member buying through other estates since 2008. Commercial and Residential. I bought my land on Pumbaa a week before Christmas because my previous land lady, with whom I have had a really good working relationship for over a year, accidentally took my land out of search at the most important time of year.

I had also had my heart set on roadside property but not one with a mountain of skyscrapers surrounding me and that’s exactly what I have now, right opposite Pumbaa Railway Station. Lots of passers by, including newcomers. I love newcomers and remember fondly being one myself.

But I digress; I always like to look around at the neighbours and surrounding sims and boy oh boy, have I lived on some horrible sims! Grassland for miles with boxes floating all over the place and badly terraformed (or should I say “deformed”) mountains sticking up out of nowhere.

Lionhearts, though, is different. I checked out every sim on the sub-continent and found them all to be superb. The residential areas are beautiful and the business areas are professional and welcoming. Really glad I rediscovered the place (I remember coming here as a newbie) and I’ll soon be looking for a home close to my business here.

I’m looking forward to a long stay on Lionhearts as I tend to be a long-term tenant/owner. Now, to find that home…
EmilyJane OHare

Great courteous service and very speedy! All personnel have been most helpful and patient with all parcel questions! Thank you!
DimiTarantello Resident

I absolutely love living in Lionheart! I have rented a few skyboxes and an island, and I’ve never been this satisfied with my land. I own a parcel in Mufasa not too far from the beach. Lionheart offers me a beautiful landscape, a chance to meet many friendly neighbours and all staffs are very helpful and friendly. I’m really glad to have found Lionheart!
Rabbit Monday

I haven’t been at Lionheart for very long, but I absolutely love it here! I am a first time home owner in Secondlife and was very cautious to buy. Lionheart made it easy for me to understand land owning through this neat and informative website and easy access, quick customer service! I’m glad I stumbled upon Lionheart. Although the land may seem expensive at first, the price is well worth it just as the website says. You are not only paying for the land here but a beautiful, established, friendly environment. I’ve already met most of my neighbors and they’re great! They are welcoming people and they’re polite enough to respect your privacy when you want it. I feel I have made the right choice not to live in a box like so many people do in SL. I have made many friends here that I would have not otherwise if I lived in a skybox. The landscaping also beats anything you will get from a backdrop.
Eliza Sandalwood

Bought two amazing land parcels, requested them to be merged and all was done in less than 24 hours. They have amazing customer service and a very prompt response time. I will definitely be referring them to all my friends.
Jordynn Sandalwood

Hi all me and my new guy that i met in sl,absolutely love LionHeart.It is exactly what i was looking for,when i was on the hunt for land.I live in Musafa,Can’t see myself leaving i found the perfect spot.

I love it at Lionheart! Gorgeous sim design that’s fun to explore, and a more-than fair Covenant that keeps the continent attractive and enjoyable for everyone. I was leery at first about buying land from an estate after hearing numerous horror stories, but my fears were quickly put to rest.

It’s clear to me that Dirk has a rock-solid business plan to ensure my land will always be here for me, and his staff is top-notch. I’ve experienced truly outstanding customer service and amazingly fast support response times. Definitely worth the few extra L$ for the level of service I receive!
Logan Porterfield

I have lived on Lionheart since August, 2010, first at Mohatu and now in a new beach area.  The Lionheart sims are well planned, with beautiful landscaping, skyscapes and vegetation.  The Covenant provides sufficient coverage of the important things, so you don’t drop in one day and see a huge black tower with pulsating lights hiding the view your thought you were purchasing with your land. I don’t think I would want to live anywhere else but here in SL.

I have received good support from Lionheart and a timely response to my questions, even the minor ones.  While the cost of land is not the least expensive in SL, the tier is reasonable for the level and quality of services provided.  I highly recommend Lionheart for the quality of support provided and the land itself, which, for me, is perfect for my needs.
Karina Novo

Living in Lionheart was like living in a small town–peaceful, great neighbors, and beautifully landscaped.  The customer service is stellar, and quite possibly unmatched.  It was a joy to live here.
Thanks Lionheart Team!!!
Jordy Mendle

I have been with Lionheart services for my data center servers, i decided to take the plunge into buying a new store. I was greeted with great live chat support and the after-care land support has been a great bonus, i will always go to Lionheart when i look for Land! Friendly staff, awesome automated systems and quick support is all within Lionheart Land. Thanks for your help guys!
Oliver Szondi, Founder of Slipstreams Audio

I haven’t been renting with Lionheart long. However I have been in SL since 2005. So far I am more than pleased. I can pay tier in what ever frequency is easiest for me! Something that many if not most places do NOT offer. Very near instant customer support. The sim itself is gorgeous, very homey, a real neighborhood, instead of the jumbled mess so many other places are. I have no security up, something I’ve never done anywhere else, I have not been bugged once by anyone. I love it. The customer service is comprehensive, the place is gorgeous the prices are reasonable. Keep it up I think I might have found a permanent home finally.
Ariel Meadowbrook

I like living and working in Lionheart because I can just get on with my busy SL life (my boss makes me work hard LOL) with no hassle from anyone. Also, if I ever have a question I can use the online service and it’s all just sorted. I didn’t meet many people yet because I haven’t been here long, but those I did are nice.
Adonis Adamski – Mabuhay! Group

I love living in Lionheart!  My land is beautiful, the covenant is fair and my neighbors are wonderful.  The service is so fast as to be amazing.  We have Townhall Meetings to keep us informed.  We have Howdy Neighbor days to get together and meet and greet.
How are your neighbors?  Are you kept informed?  Do you have friendly get togethers?  Is your service top notch?
Come to Lionheart and all those questions will be answered with a great big YES!
Leandra OHare – Lionheart Kovu

I am new to SL, and was looking for land to buy. It was told to me you could not own land unless you were a premium member. So i became a premium member. Then i found out that was not true.
One day i was searching for land to buy,and came upon LionHeart. I decided to check it out, and found out that you do not have to be premium to own their land. I love Lionheart land, the way they have each area a different and beautiful theme. I am so happy i came across them and can not imagine not being here, the place and the people i have met are awesome. So if you looking for land with a beautiful view, no ban lines, privacy, and lots of prims, i recommend “LIONHEART”.
Keyya Ferina

I have lived in Lionheart for only a month now, at first in Mufasa, now in Nala (more prims) and everyone has been so welcoming! I stumbled upon Lionheart when I was cruising around the location search feature. I really like the open spaces, paths and roads, friendly neighbours and friendly staff! Thank you Lionheart!
Zellomy Augenblik

I’ve lived in Lionheart Nala, Lionheart Mufasa and now my present home in Lionheart Sarabi.  I just asked Dirk last week how long I could live here, and could it be forever?  I can’t imagine living anywhere else in Second Life, and if I had to move, it would have to be yet another place in Lionheart.

Very little can be said about being in the perfect place; you only know when you are. When all your bones align with the landscape, your muscles relax, your tensions disappear, and your heart literally feels happy, you know you are home.  That is the essence of living at Lionheart for me – beautiful and well managed, with the best customer service and neighbors in Second Life.  For anyone who values beauty, security and affordability, living at Lionheart is “where it’s at.”
Neeve McBride

I know Lionheart Rental Agency for a lifetime and i just know you will experience high quality services, great customer service support and a great price!
Alvi Halderman

I love their service. They react very fast and are very friendly.
Gregory Munro

Excellent service and attractive locations.
Stylez Gomez

As a costumer of Lionheart i cant complain about anything. Real great services, cheap prizes and an individual support. With one word : Awesome!
Gandalf Nakamura

The trustworthiest proprietor to imagine. LIONHEART always plays fair!
Lolita Fromund

Lionheart has high quality, beautifully landscaped sims at very reasonable prices – no matter where I wander in my SecondLife I always eventually end up coming home to LionHeart =)
Truqueen Tebaldi

Double prims, competitive tier pricing, fair covenants, tastefully done landscaping, great neighbors, and EXCELLENT customer service…what more can a resident ask for? When I first moved to Lionheart I had a few concerns about some nearby landscape trees and a staff member was there to help within minutes. My experience living here has always been fabulous. Even when I decided to do a parcel swap in the wee hours of the morning; the staff was there and the move was absolutely seamless. My Lionheart home is my favorite hideaway and will be for many days to come.
Xelyn Xaris

I have bought several parcels of land and the service is second to none. They were connected quickly, making it easy to pay in one chunk rather then several. The land is beautiful and the prices more then fair. I cannot imagine renting from another.
Aubrey Lionheart

Lionheart Simba is a great place to be. Their rules aren’t overly strict, but strict enough to keep the place clean. It’s a nice place to be. I love it. I wouldn’t want to own land anywhere else.
Porsche Ghost

I first came to Lionheart because it was a beautiful community. However, when the sim began growing, I lost my beloved view of the ocean on one side of my property. I wasn’t a happy resident!

But when I brought my issue to Dirk, he was so accommodating! He worked with me to make sure I was once again a happy Lionheart resident. I now live in the new area, Nala, and I love it! It is beautiful. I appreciate Dirk and his staff and his attention to the matter. Lionheart stands behind its customer service guarantee. I love it here!
Lliannan MacMoragh

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