Happy New Year!

Dear Residents,

i wish everyone and your families a very happy new year!

Let’s celebrate the end of a year which has not been kind to everyone of us, left people without jobs, sometimes even without homes. I wish the best for everyone for 2010, may it bring health, relief and prosperity for those who had to suffer.

Please remember:
1st Jan: We’ll remove the snow/ice and reestablish the green
2nd Jan: Town Hall Meeting December 09, which was postponed due to Christmas.

See you next year! 🙂

Dirk Klees

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Sims: 13
Total Land Sqm: 851,968
Public Land Sqm: 398,896
Citizens Land Sqm: 453,072
Parcels: 271
Parcels For Sale: 70
Directory Entries: 15
Citizens Prim Capacity: 382,520
Citizens Prims used: 100,896